Using Mobile Veterinary Services

Mobile veterinary services are available in most areas and may be a convenient way to get veterinary help, especially when the dog is severely ill and cannot be transported to the vet. However, there are a few minuses to these services as well, including the costs involved.

What Are Mobile Veterinary Services

Mobile veterinary services involve a veterinarian doctor that will make a house call.

Not all veterinarians make house calls and there are vets that are only available through a mobile vet service.

If you need veterinarian help, you can call a vet that performs house calls and you will have to indicate your address as well as the symptoms of your pet.

Mobile veterinary services may be available for dogs and cats, but may be more difficult to find for other types of pets.

Advantages of Mobile Veterinary Services

If you opt to use a mobile veterinary service, there are a few advantages:

  • You don’t have to transport your pet to the vet, which can add a lot of stress to your pet; in addition, when your pet’s condition is poor, transporting him may not be recommended, as the dog may get injured during the transportation or his condition may get worse
  • The vet may come right away, provided he is not involved in other cases
  • You don’t have to drive to a vet clinic
  • You don’t have to spend time in waiting rooms
  • The vet service may be available during nighttime
  • While the vet is on his way, you can offer supportive care to your pet
  • Some vets may indicate what you need to do while you wait for him to arrive, so that your pet is more comfortable
  • Can be used in cases of emergency, but you need to check the schedule

Disadvantages of Mobile Veterinary Services

Mobile veterinary services may have downfalls as well, including:

  • The service may not be always available when you need the service the most
  • The vet may not be able to arrive immediately to your house (i.e. may be busy with other pets) and if your pet needs immediate assistance, you may be better off driving to an emergency clinic
  • Typically, the mobile veterinary services are in high demand, so you may not be able to get an appointment immediately
  • The costs involved in having a vet visit you are higher, as you will have to pay for the time the vet spends to get to your house and there may also be additional fees involved
  • Even if the vet has an emergency kit, he may not always have all the drugs and ointments that your pet may need

Using mobile veterinary services may have plusses and minuses. You should have the number of a mobile veterinary service for any emergencies you may have, but make sure that you also have the name of an emergency clinic and a vet that is taking care of your pet.