Is It Safe for a Dog to Chew Bones?

Many pet owners think it's safe for their dog to chew bones, but there are some factors that can make bones risky for them. Chewing on bones is not dangerous, but if the dog swallows the bones, it can create health problems.

The healthiest bones for your dog are the treat chew bones that you can purchase in pet stores.

The Risks of Natural Dog Bones

Even though dogs are carnivores, and you would expect a dog to eat raw meat and bones, pets shouldn’t be fed natural bones. Pets that are used to eating dog food are no longer adapted to eat raw meat and bones.

You could give the dog bones to chew, as these can strengthen his teeth and gums, and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. The problem is that dogs may swallow the bones or splinters. A bone can puncture internal organs in dogs, and this can be fatal. The splinters are the most dangerous for dogs. Rough bones can also cause teeth or jaw fractures. If left unnoticed, teeth fractures can get infected, and this will lead to further problems.

Natural bones will cause negative reactions in most dogs. Even if you cook the bones of if you offer them raw, your dog can experience vomiting and diarrhea.

You could feed your dog ground bones to offer him calcium supplements, but make sure the bones are finely ground.

Healthy Treats

Dogs like bones, but you should feed him anything but natural bones. Offer your dog chew bone treats instead. These treats are nutritional and also help to prevent unhealthy chewing behavior in dogs. Talk with your vet about the best chew treats for your dog. These shouldn’t be too hard, and should contain a few essential nutrients such as proteins and fat.

The Benefits of Chew Bone Treats

Chew bone treats have multiple benefits for your dog. The texture and flavor is appealing to your dog, and chewing will keep him busy. Chewing on treats is also stimulating for the dog’s mind.

The abrasive texture of the treats will clean the dog’s teeth, helping in the prevention of plaque buildup. They also toughen the dog’s teeth and gums.

Teething puppies need chew treats. The teething can be very painful on the gums and by chewing on treats or chew toys, the puppies will relieve the pain, speeding up the growth of the teeth.

Chew treats will also clean the bacteria from the dog’s mouth, and he is less likely to have bad breath. Dogs that chew on treats will have whiter teeth.

Don’t feed your dog natural bones to chew, or table leftovers. Use commercial dog food and give him chew treats. These have a lot of benefits and no health risks. Opt for rawhide bones, treats, rolls and twists for your dog.