Siberian Cat Allergy Treatment

A Siberian cat is believed to cause minimal allergic reactions in humans than other cat breeds. This breed is classified as a hypoallergenic breed; however, a Siberian cat will still cause allergies in susceptible people.

Cats and Allergies in Humans

Humans may be allergic to cats including breeds that are considered non allergenic such as Siberian cats. The main allergen is not the cat hair, but the cat dander, more precisely a protein that is found in the cat dander.

If you are allergic to your pet, you will display symptoms that are similar to other allergy symptoms: sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, skin irritation or rashes.

Allergy Testing

If you want to know if you develop allergic reactions to your cat, you may take a simple test, which can be performed by taking a blood sample or by injecting the allergen (the culprit protein in the cat dander) under the skin and monitoring the reaction of your skin.

Typically, all allergies manifest through similar symptoms and you may not even be allergic to your pet but to something else in your home or environment.

Allergy Treatment

The Siberian cat allergy requires treatment that is also applied in the case of other types of allergies. Since the exposure to the cat is not possible there are a few medication treatments such as: 

  • Antihistamines
  • Steroids 

Injectible immunizers can also be applied and may significantly reduce the allergy symptoms.

Keeping the cat and the house clean are additional things you can do to reduce your allergic reactions.


When your body is on contact with the allergen (the protein in the dander) the immune system will produce histamines. The histamines are responsible for causing the allergic reactions.

Doses of antihistamines will keep the allergies under control. Common antihistamines that may be administered if you are allergic to your Siberian cat include: Benadryl, Tavist or Chlorpheniramine.

The lengthy administration of antihistamines may make you immune to these, so the drugs should be alternated periodically.


If the allergic reactions are more severe and you experience swelling, steroids may be recommended. Prednisone or other steroid medication can cause a lot of severe side effects including kidney and liver damage and are not recommended as long term treatments.

Allergy Shots 

The allergy shots are recommended for all people that know the source of allergies. The shots will be administered periodically and will contain diluted amounts of the protein you are allergic to. In time, you will build up immunity to this protein and may not have any reactions to your Siberian cat.

Additional Considerations 

To reduce the allergic reactions, you should wash your Siberian cat at least once per week to reduce the amount of dander. Use a hypoallergenic product that is less likely to dry the cat’s skin. The cat’s diet should also contain a lot of essential fatty acids, which will maintain the skin healthy.

Last but not least, you should clean your home to remove the allergens. You may use the cat dander shampoo to clean the carpets, which tend to gather a lot of dander.