Tips to Stop Kitten Scratching

Kitten scratching may be due to different health issues: skin problems, ear mites, fleas, allergies or yeast infections. You can stop the kitten scratching by understanding the causes of your kitten's behavior. By giving proper treatment you will also avoid health complications and skin injuries that result from excessive scratching.

Identify Symptoms of Possible Diseases

Your kitten is scratching because he is itching. This may be caused by a number of conditions. Ear mites can cause discomfort and itchiness. Ear mites are caused by small parasites that will determine the cat to scratch and the constant scratching can create injuries that may get infected. A kitten with ear mites constantly shakes his head, scratches and has flattened ears.

Yeast infection can also cause itching. You will notice a white-colored secretion from your kitten's ears. The yeast infection may be present in other parts of the body, usually where it's dark and moist.

Your cat may be allergic to pollens, dust, chemicals or mold. He will display watery eyes, runny nose and itching.

Ease the Cat Itching

You can ease the cat itching by administrating proper treatment to your kitten's condition. Get a correct diagnosis from your vet.

If your kitten scratching is caused by ear mites, use an insecticide to stop the itching. Your cat will stop scratching. Your vet can recommend you a good oily insecticide.

The yeast infection can be cured with antibiotics.

If the scratching is caused by allergies, you may simply keep your cat under supervision and reduce his exposure to the allergy-causing factor. However, antihistamines may also be needed.

Skin irritations and rashes can be kept under control with some steroids or cortisone.

There are also several ointments that you can use to stop the itching.

Use Flea Collars

Fleas are common in kittens and is an uncomfortable condition causing your cat to scratch. The flea collars are an effective way to stop the itching and get rid of the fleas. An anti-flea shampoo may also work as treatment. Remember that even after the fleas are gone, your kitten's skin will still be itchy for a while, so the scratching will not stop right away.

Excessive scratching is not normal in a kitten's behavior. If you notice any suspicious behavior and other symptoms you need to get medical help and stop your kitten from scratching. Scratching can cause injuries that may get infected and need antibiotic treatment.