Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs

Tea tree oil shampoo is believed to benefit dogs by encouraging a shiny, soft coat, by clearing skin irritation or inflammation, and repelling parasites and other insects.

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been used for centuries as an antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal medicine. This essential oil is effective against a number of skin ailments, fungus such as ringworm, inflammation, and respiratory infections. In addition to medicinal uses, tea tree oil is frequently added to commercial shampoos and other products for dogs. 

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs (Homemade)

If you prefer to make your own tea tree oil shampoo oil at home, there are several precautions to take before getting started. Tea tree oil in its rawest form can be toxic to small dogs. Because their bodies and organs are so small, the liver and kidneys of smaller canines may find it difficult to process pure essential oils. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a tea tree oil and aloe vera mixture. If you can only find pure tea tree oil, it must be diluted. Only 15 percent of your mixture (water or other liquid) should be made up of tea tree oil.

To make homemade tea tree oil shampoo for dogs:

1. Mix diluted tea tree oil or a tea tree oil and aloe mixture with pure castile soap, sage, rosemary and water

2. Shake or stir the ingredients to mix thoroughly. You can create the mixture with or without boiling water.

3. Once the mixture has been prepared, pour it into an old shampoo bottle.

4. Rinse your pets hair thoroughly before shampooing to loosen dirt and debris.

Please note that homemade tea tree oil shampoo for dogs will not lather as much as commercial shampoos because they do not contain sudsing agents such as sodium laurel sulfate. Homemade shampoo won’t be as thick as commercial shampoos either, but this does not mean it will not be as effective.

To purchase ingredients to make your own tea tree shampoo, stick to trusted names in the industry such as Whole Foods, Mother’s Market and Trader Joes. In addition, you can’t go wrong by shopping at your local health food store. 

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs (Commercial)

There are literally dozens of dog shampoos on the market today that contain safe amounts of tea tree oil. Many manufacturers of shampoos for people also manufacture shampoos for pets. Just a few top tea tree oil shampoos for pets include John Paul Pet Tea Tree Treatment (from the co-founder of Paul Mitchell), United Pet Group Perfect Coat tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Earth bath Tea Tree & aloe Pet Shampoo, Synergy labs Oatmeal Tea Tree Shampoo and Miracle Corp. Products Tea Tree Coat Care Shampoo.

Most tea tree oil shampoos for dogs are infused with vitamins and other botanicals. They are typically environmentally safe and effective and they are made without DEET (active ingredient in insect repellants), synthetic pyrethroids or permethrin (insect killer) or pyrethrins (insecticide).

To purchase tea tree oil shampoos for dogs, visit your local pet store or you may order them online directly through the manufacturer or through online retailers such as 1800petmeds.com, Ohmydogsupplies.com and Amazon.com.