Tetracycline for Dogs

Tetracycline for dogs is an antibiotic medication that’s used to kill susceptible bacterial infections. Since it inhibits the synthesis of bacterial proteins, it prevents bacteria from multiplying or spreading in the dog’s body. It’s a prescription medication and needs to be used only according to the vet’s instructions. Tetracycline is available under the brand name of Sumycin. Since it’s a broad spectrum antibiotic, it can be used to treat different bacterial diseases in pets.

Uses of Tetracycline:

  • Tetracycline is mainly used to treat Lyme disease in dogs
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
  • Chlamydia
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Respiratory tract infections and secondary bacterial infections 
  • The vet may also use this drug along with other medications to treat severe illnesses in pets

Administration of Tetracycline for Dogs

The medication should be administered 1 hour before you give the pet his meal. Alternatively, the drug may be administered 2 hours after the dog has consumed his food. Dogs in general, should be given 9 mg of the medication per pound of body weight, orally, every 8 hours. It’s important for your pet to drink a lot of water during the treatment. The vet will ask you to administer the medication for a specific number of days. You must avoid discontinuing the drug before the course is over, even if the pet has recovered completely.

Precautions you Must Take:

  • If you give your pet tetracycline that has expired, your dog will stand a chance of developing a severe kidney problem.
  • Tetracycline is not ideal for pets that are pregnant or lactating. So if you want to breed your dog, make sure you inform the vet of the same.
  • If your dog is sensitive to other medications that are similar to tetracycline, this medication may not be ideal for your dog.
  • Keep the vet informed about all other over the counter medications that you’re giving your pet as tetracycline could interact with these medicines and harm your dog’s body. 
  • If the pet is taking tetracycline, he shouldn’t be given any multi-vitamins or laxatives for 2 hours before or after he has ingested the tablet.

Side Effects of Tetracycline for Dogs                                 

Although tetracycline effectively cures pets suffering from Chlamydia or Lyme disease, it does cause certain adverse reactions. Some dogs may feel nauseous or suffer from diarrhea while other may suffer from allergic reactions like hives and swelling of the face. This medication is also known to cause dizziness, loss of appetite, fever and jaundice, in some pets that are sensitive to its ingredients. These are only a few side effects that are listed. If your pet develops any of these side effects or others, make sure you conduct a vet check as soon as possible.

While tetracycline inhibits the spread of bacterial infections, it’s a strong medication that has to be used with care. If your dog’s immune system is weak and he suffers from frequent infections, consider administering supplements that strengthen the immune system or use herbal remedies that don’t cause many side effects.