The 6 Best Dogs for People with Allergies and Asthma

Many people with allergies and asthma feel lost because their condition will not allow them to have a dog, but this is not totally true. The top six breeds are given below but there are many other breeds of dogs that are considered to be hypo-allergenic to humans with sensitivities to allergens. In actuality these dogs are considered to be hypo-allergic because they produce less dander than other breeds.

The allergic reaction from the dander is found in the fur, skin, saliva and urine of the dog. The following list gives the names of the most popular and commonly known breeds of dogs that produce little to no reaction in asthma and or allergy sufferers.

1. Poodle

The poodle is the most well known dog as a great choice for those with allergies or asthma. This breed comes in three sizes; toy, miniature and standard. Poodles make wonderful family pets and are very loyal to their owners and families. They require regular grooming and are very intelligent, thus making them easy to train.

2. Shih Tzu

This small breed dog has a keen desire to be with people. They are sensitive to warm weather so if they live in a warmer climate, it is strongly suggested that the dog be kept well trimmed and brushed daily to care properly for the fur, if it is kept long. They have been considered a good dog for families but are known to bond with one person in the family.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

This lively little breed originated in England and usually weighs in under eight pounds. Originally the breed was bred as ratting dogs and so may not be good in a home where there are smaller pets, as they tend to be prey oriented. They have no undercoat and are very light shedders. They are an intelligent breed and exceptionally tenacious.

4. Airedale Terrier

For those who prefer a larger breed of dog the Airedale will fit the bill perfectly. They have a wire-like type hair which requires a special grooming tool that can remove the undercoat; the term given to this style of grooming is “stripping”. Even though this breed is intelligent, they tend to be stubborn when it comes to training. They love to be exercised and tend to become easily bored so taking part in an activity, such as agility training, can keep the dog happily occupied.

5. Chinese Crested

There are two types of this unusual looking breed, the Hairless and the Powder-puff. The Hairless is as it is named and has hair only on the head, paws and tail and the Powder-puff has a full,long haired coat. The hairless dog does require a bit of extra care in the form of application of sunscreen and moisturizer to help keep the skin healthy. This breed becomes extremely attached to their owner and so settles best in a home where the owner will be home, with the dog, and willing to travel with the dog as well. Too much time on their own, and this breed will eventually suffer from separation anxiety.

Choosing a dog can be a challenge and adding a medical condition adds to the task but if the person, while searching, is patient a solution and suitable breed can be found.