The Benefits of Indoor Dog Gates

Indoor dog gates are beneficial to dog owners who don't want their dogs to have free run of the house. There are a number of benefits to installing gates inside your home, including:

Keeping Dogs Confined with Enough Space to Roam

Many dogs have the urge to explore and potentially knock over items in a home. Some dogs also have a tendency to destroy furnishings and household items when not supervised. Indoor dog gates allow dog owners to confine their dogs to one area of the home while at the same time giving them an entire room or series of rooms in which to roam. This is much healthier for the dog than crating her all day, as it allows her to get some exercise.

Keeps Air Flow Through Rooms

Some rooms allow you to keep dogs shut away by shutting a door. However, using indoor dog gates in the doorway allows the dog owner to keep doors open so that air flow can stay consistent throughout rooms. The gate itself has holes, further increasing the air flow. This is especially important when using central heating or air conditioning to warm or cool a home.

Simple to Take Down But Effective Against Dogs

Indoor dog gates are convenient for dog owners because they simply snap into place in most any size doorway. They're also easy to unhook when the dog owner needs to get through. However, because they're so sturdily secure in the doorway when set up, a dog can't knock over the gate and barge through.

Possible to Allow Other Pets Through

Pet owners from households with smaller pets in addition to the dogs, such as cats, can invest in indoor dog gates with small gateways at the bottom. This allows smaller pets to freely roam from room to room to access litter boxes or rooms as necessary without allowing the dog into rooms where she's likely to track dirt or cause mischief.

Easy to Store Away

When owners need consistent free access from room to room (for a social gathering, for example) or when the dogs are allowed to roam from room to room (such as when the the owner is home to supervise) dog gates are easy to store away. They're thin, flat and can be slid under a piece of furniture, put into a closet or leaned against a wall without getting in the way.

Simple to Use Only When Necessary

Because dog gates don't require major installation, they're simple tools to use on occasion if the dog owner isn't interested in using them each day. For example, if the owner wants to keep the dogs away from guests or from a room he's cleaning, grabbing a dog gate from storage and setting it up temporarily is no hassle.

Effective as Training Tools

If a dog owner wants to eventually train a dog to stay and not enter a certain room, a training routine involving commands and rewards can help teach the dog to stay as told. However, in the early stages of training, the dog may continually try to enter the forbidden room. The owner can help the dog understand by blocking her access with the gate at first and then eventually removing the gate and continuing training.