Three Dog Breeds that Don't Bark

Before you purchase or otherwise acquire a new dog, it's important to consider all of the many different types of dog breeds in order to find the animal that will best suit your family environment and home. Breeds differ in terms of very obvious characteristics such as:

  • physical appearance
  • size
  • intelligence
  • personality

One of the more important characteristic differences between some breeds of dogs and for certain people is the amount that those dogs bark. It's true that certain breeds of dogs tend to bark much more regularly and more loudly than others, while some breeds hardly bark at all. Before you look into purchasing any of the following breeds, however, be aware that nearly all dogs will make some sort of a sound at some point. The following dogs do not tend to bark in the standard sense, though.

1. Basenji

The Basenji is a breed that was originally domesticated and developed in Africa. Basenjis are relatively small, and they usually only weigh about 25 pounds at the highest end of the spectrum and when fully mature. In many cases, they have an appearance that is similar to that of a fox. They are wiry and strong, and the facial structure is similar to a fox as well. Their coloring is quite distinctive, with most Basenjis appearing as copper or red colored and having white spots in prominent places along their chest and abdomen, as well as elsewhere in some cases.

2. Beagle

The Beagle is a very common breed of dog, known for its long, droopy ears and low stature. Beagles are relatively small dogs, although some of these dogs can become quite heavy. Beagles are capable of barking but generally tend to avoid this behavior. However, that isn't to say that they won't still be noisy. Beagles prefer to "bay," which is a process of creating a long, drawn out hooting sound that is typically at a low pitch. Some Beagles are very vocal and may bay quite frequently, but they do tend to avoid barking.

3. New Guinea Singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a small breed of dog that is very rare in the United States. It is type of dog that is low to the ground and with powerful leg muscles. They have a unique stance and gait in comparison with most other dogs. As the name of the breed suggests, the New Guinea Singing Dog also avoids barking in favor of a baying type sound. However, this sound is somewhat different from that of a Beagle. Many people find it to be more endearing.

There are a number of methods of helping to train your pet to stop barking or to bark less. If you don't wish to be limited in your search for dog breeds, consider this type of behavior therapy with another breed instead.