4 Natural Dog Barking Deterrents

At times, continuous dog barking can become a nuisance to both neighbors and pet owners, especially at night. Some dogs tend to bark for several hours when they are left alone. Simple natural dog barking deterrents can be used to control the continuous barking of dogs.

It is important to identify why the dog is barking. Most of the time, there will be some reason behind the restlessness of the dog. This behavior can also be the sign of any psychological or physiological problem that is bothering the dog, which may even require medical treatment. It should be noted that only excessive and unwanted barking requires correction. Certain breeds tend to bark frequently in comparison to those other breeds.

Proper attention from the dog owners can help in resolving the problem of excessive barking in dogs.

Behavioral Training

This is the easiest method for controlling the barking habit of a dog. A well-groomed dog that exercises regularly is more likely to sleep the entire day and guard the home at night. Dogs must be familiarized with the immediate environment and the regular visitors. Further, the dog should be taught both to start and stop barking at request with the help of reinforcements.

Provide objects or toys that can keep the dog occupied, and food and water should be within the reach of the pet.

Socializing the Dog

Dogs must be familiarized with the immediate environment and people who often visit the place. A quick ride in a car offers an experience of new smells and sights to the dog, which will give him the necessary mental workout.

Natural Citronella Spray Collars

Natural spray collars such as citronella spray collars eject a gentle spray of citronella in front of the dog's nose. At the first spray, the dog might appear to be curious about the new odor. However, such spray collars harmlessly interrupt continuous barking in dogs. The collar can be removed once the dog stops barking persistently.

Avoid Barking Cues

Identify the barking cues. Further, try to avoid such situations where the dog has to face the cues that trigger barking. For instance, the dog may start barking incessantly while seeing children playing nearby him. In such case, move him away from their presence so that he can relax and stop barking.

However, it should be noted that the dog may also bark continuously when he sees a snake or any other wild animal. Therefore, it is very necessary to carefully observe the surroundings to properly identify the barking cues.