Tips for Finding the Cheapest Pet Insurance for Cats

Budget-conscious cat owners want the cheapest pet insurance available that provides the coverage they need in times of a medical crisis. Take the time now before a crisis arises to find affordable insurance coverage for your cat’s health, to ensure she receives care when she needs it most.

Here are some tips on how to find the cheapest pet insurance for your cat.

Consider Your Coverage

Before you purchase health insurance for your cat, consider the type of coverage you need. If you have a young, healthy cat, you may want to consider only a policy that covers injuries due to accidents, or you may want a policy that covers both illness and accidents. Owners of older cats may need to look at more comprehensive coverage to help them cover the potentially increasing costs of medical care for an aging pet.

Decide on a Deductible

As you make your pet insurance selection, realize that a higher deductible translates into a lower monthly premium. However, that higher deductible means more out-of-pocket cost to you in the event of an accident or serious illness.

To help counteract the effect of a higher deductible, you may want to start a savings account that’s designated as a pet emergency fund or hold one of your credit cards for veterinary emergencies.

Shop Around

Do your homework before you buy a cat insurance policy. Review costs online through the websites of the major pet health insurance companies. You’ll be able to review costs and coverage online and fill out forms that help customize a policy to your cat’s specific needs.

When reviewing the insurance company websites, take time to read the "About Us" sections, too. Take note of how long the different companies have been in business and read some customer comments. Granted, most companies only post positive reviews, but an established company with many satisfied customers may be a better deal for you and your cat than a recently started company with fewer customers.

Find Coverage Your Veterinarian Accepts

When researching your cat health options, call your vet’s office to find out which policies he or she currently accepts. This makes shopping easier for you, and it also means you won’t have to change your cat’s doctor, which could happen if you selected a plan that your veterinarian didn’t participate in.

Start Coverage when Your Cat Is Young

The most cost-effective cat insurance is available to kittens, so it’s wise to purchase coverge for your cat when she’s young. Coverage purchased for kittens extends into adulthood, but it may be difficult to purchase insurance for an older adult cat that’s been previously uninsured.

Pay the Bill Each Month

Health insurance is only good if the policy is paid for each month. If you let your policy payments lapse, you may not have the coverage your pet needs in times of accident or serious illness.

Look for Multi-Pet Discounts

Some companies offer a better monthly premium rate to households with more than one pet. Ask about a multi-pet discount when reviewing the coverage from different companies.