Tips for Grooming a Dog at Home

Grooming a dog should be done on a regular basis, to ensure the health of the skin and coat. Dogs require brushing, massaging, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, ear cleaning and in some cases hair cutting. These services may be provided by a professional opt grooming salon, but you may also perform some of these activities at home.

Hair Brushing

The hair brushing is essential for all dogs, regardless of the fur type and length, as by brushing the hair, you will also spread the essential oils that are secreted by the dog’s skin and this will make the fur shiny and healthy.

The frequency of hair brushing may be daily or 1 to 2 times per week, as some breeds of dog require less grooming. Make sure you get suitable brushing tools: brushes, combs or grooming gloves.

Prior to brushing your dog, you may moisten his skin and coat, as this will facilitate the brushing process.

Also, you should brush your dog after he’s taken a bath.

Skin Massage

A regular skin massage can help your dog be calmer; you can massage his skin before or after the brushing. Use circular movements, making sure to cover all areas. This is also a way to detect any unusual lumps or skin problems.

If you use a grooming glove, this will give a gentle massage to your pet.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is important, as dogs can get dental and gum problems and these are also linked to more severe health issues such as heart disease.

Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth on a daily basis. However, even if you only brush your dog’s teeth only 3 times per week, this should also protect his teeth and gums. Get a kids size brush or a special pet brush and purchase liver or meat flavored toothpaste.

At first you may only use your fingers, so that the dog can get used to having his teeth touched. Gradually, you should introduce the brush and try to brush all teeth, using circular movements.

A professional teeth cleaning per year is also recommended.

Nail Trimming

The nail trimming may be problematic, as you may easily hurt your dog. Make sure to avoid the quick, which is the pink area that contains a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings. Cut 2 mm near the quick.

If the nail is darker, you won’t be able to detect the pink area, so you will have to make several small cuts; examine the nail and if it starts becoming fleshier, this means that you are getting closer to the quick, so you should stop.

Nail trimming is difficult, so a lot of owners get help from professional groomers.

Ear Cleaning

The ear cleaning should be performed at least 2 times per month, so as to avoid ear infections. Use a lukewarm era cleaning solution; avoid undiluted peroxide, as this may cause burns. Dip a cotton ball in the ear solution and rub the dog’s ear. Use a cotton swab to remove the excess solution.