5 Essential Cat Grooming Tools for Home Use

Cat grooming is essential for the cat's health and his well being. Even if the cat prefers to groom his own coat, you still need to groom him as well. Grooming will include dirt removal, nail clipping and a relaxing massage. There are a few grooming tools for home use that should be present in every cat owner's home. The grooming supplies needed depend on the size of your cat's hair and how thick his fur is.

1. Metal Comb

A metal comb is an essential cat grooming tool, no matter if the cat is short of long haired. This comb should be made from stainless steel, so it won't rust and must be tough. The teeth of the comb must be rounded and set a wide distance apart.

This comb is helpful to disentangle fur and to remove any dirt or possible residues of feces from the cat's fur. Cats like the feel of metal on their skin, so they will like when you use the comb.

2. Slicker Brush

A slicker brush will remove dirt from the cat's fur and will spread the essential oils on the skin and hair of the cat, giving the coat a healthy, shiny look.

The bristles of the brush should be in the shape of bent nails and will have the same grooming effect as the tongue of the cat.

Use the brush gently and make sure the hairs of the brush are soft, so as to avoid injuring your cat.

The slicker brush feels good when used on the cat, so he won't protest when you will clean him.

3. Flea Comb

A flea comb is necessary to remove possible parasites that may reside in your cat's fur. The flea comb has teeth that are placed closer together.

Fleas are common parasites in cats and the very first step in eliminating them is to remove them from your cat's hair.

If your cat is an indoors cat and is not at risk to contract fleas, this comb is not necessary.

4. Grooming Mitts

Grooming mitts present the advantage of covering large surfaces of the cat's fur. A grooming mitt should be soft and will also give a gentle massage to your pet.

5. Nail Clippers

Nail clipping is part of the grooming process. You will need to cut or trim your cat's nails once every 10 to 14 days.

You need to get suitable clippers and make sure that you don't cut too deep into your cat's claws and cause bleeding. Keep some disinfectant powder at hand, in case bleeding occurs, to prevent infection.

Trim your cat's nails after massaging him, so that he is relaxed and more cooperative.

You may also opt for professional nail trimming.

Groom your cat at least twice per week to remove dirt and loose hairs. The grooming should be relaxing both for you and your cat.

The grooming will help building a closer relationship between you and your pet.

During grooming, you may detect any skin abnormalities or unusual swellings.