Tips for Optimal Dog Health

The dog health is important and can be maintained by following a few simple periodical dog care techniques, feeding the dog a suitable diet and get regular veterinary checkups. These will prevent certain diseases and will ensure that diseases that occur in your dog and are not preventable will be treated from the early stages, which will give a better prognosis.

Biannual Veterinary Visits

A biannual veterinary visit can ensure that your dog is in good health and the vet may detect possible health problems that are difficult to detect otherwise. Certain diseases (i.e. heartworms) may not show any symptoms up till late stages, when the dog is severely ill and treatment may not help.

The vet will perform a few blood tests, a urinalysis and a feces analysis as well as other tests such as x-rays or ultrasounds.

Given that veterinary visits can be stressful for dogs, you should give your dog treats, comfort him and opt for the same vet, so that the dog is familiar with the clinic atmosphere and the vet.

Home Treatment and Checkups

Ideally, you shouldn’t administer at home treatments to your dog prior to establishing a clear diagnosis. Giving your pet the wrong over the counter medication can lead to complications.

However, some things you can do at home such as to check your pet’s health condition.

Get a rectal thermometer and measure the pet’s temperature. The normal canine temperature is from 100 to 102 degrees F.

Check the dog’s breathing; a dog’s normal breathing rate is between 15 and 20 breaths.

The normal pulse of canines is of 100 to 150 beats per minute, depending on the breed and age of the dog.

You may also check the dog’s skin and mucous membranes; these should be pink and humid. Pale gums may signal a health problem such as diabetes or anemia.

Dog Grooming

The dog grooming is important in keeping your dog clean and infection free. If you fail to groom your dog he may get skin infections or a poor coat quality.

Also, the nail trimming is essential in preventing back problems.

You may perform the grooming at home and purchase suitable tools, but you may also opt for professional grooming services which will take care of your dog’s needs.

During the grooming process, take a few minutes to perform a skin surface testing; detect any lumps, enlarged moles or other suspicious growths that may need to be examined by a vet.

Dental Health for Dogs

All dogs require dental care; daily brushing is essential in keeping plaque and tartar away. The importance of dental health is paramount, as dental abscesses can cause other more severe internal infections. Also, gum disease can cause heart problems.

Get your dog used to dental cleaning as soon as you get the pet and make the dental cleaning a daily routine the dog is looking forward to.

Don’t forget to visit the vet once a year for a professional teeth cleaning.