What Is the Average Annual Dog Veterinary Cost?

Dog veterinary costs should be always considered when it comes to purchasing a dog. The costs may vary depending on several factors and will be greater during the first year of the dog’s life. Each year, there will be dog veterinary costs which involve food, vaccines, grooming and other possible vet bills.

The Vet Cost of the First Year

The first year of dog ownership will involve more costs. Firstly, the cost of the pet should be considered. A pure breed dog will be more expensive. There are also dogs in shelters that may be adopted and they may be free or a minimal amount.

The type of dog you buy will influence the yearly costs, as purebred dogs and show dogs may require a special diet and additional grooming services.

The vaccinations for the puppy may have costs between $50 and $150.

The puppy will require a vet examination, to ensure he is in good health. The initial veterinary consultation may cost between $50 and $300, depending on the types of tests performed.

The puppy will also need protection from internal and external parasites, which can add up to $150 per year.

The puppy may also be neutered, which can cost up to $200. However, the neutering can also be performed at shelters or humane societies, which can charge less.

The puppy will also need food, toys, a crate, food bowls and treats.

Obedience training will also involve additional costs.

Average Annual Dog Veterinary Costs

After the first year, the veterinary costs will be less, as the dog doesn’t require training, neutering and he will only need booster vaccines (approximately $50 to $75) and preventive anti-parasite solutions (up to $150).

An adult dog will also need at least 2 routine veterinary checkups (between $50 and $100 each) and a dental cleaning (around $150). The dental cleaning is not required during the dog’s first year.

Dogs may also require supplements, which can cost up to $50 per year.

Senior dogs (after the age of 7 or 8) will require more frequent visits to the vet and may also need medication or vitamins. The cost of food for senior dogs may also be higher, depending on the health of the pet.

Variation of Costs

The yearly dog veterinary costs after the first year may be between $500 and $1000. The average lifespan of dogs is 14 years. You must be prepared to spend this amount each year.

These costs won’t include unforeseen health issues that require veterinary assistance.

The variations of annual dog veterinary costs depend on factors such as:

  • The size of the pet (smaller and medium sized dogs will cost less)
  • Your location and the veterinary fees
  • Whether the grooming is performed at home
  • The toys and food chosen
  • The age of the pet
  • Supplements needed

A lot of dog owners have a special fund kept for dog emergencies. This is a good idea, as health problems are unpredictable and it’s helpful to be prepared.