Tips for Potty Training Dogs in Apartments

Potty training dogs in apartments is a concern for many pet owners, as they do not want their pets to have accidents indoors. It is best to start potty training puppies when they are young because it will be harder to train once the dog has gotten older. The best method of potty training dogs in an apartment involves the newspaper method.

Make a Schedule

Stick to a regular schedule and do not budge. Most dogs do well with routine, and changing around the potty training schedule will likely make the process harder for them. This includes keeping the schedule on the weekends as well. It is best to feed your pet at the same times every day, and do not leave a bowl of food in front of him to eat at any time. Walk your pet at the same time every day and night. Switching up these routines may make your dog uneasy, so try to stick to the schedule as much as possible.

Clean Accidents Promptly

When an accident occurs, clean the area thoroughly. Use soap, laundry detergent, water or anything that will get rid of the scent. Do not just wipe it up and spray it with air-freshener, because it will not get rid of the entire smell. If you leave the spot scented and uncleaned, the dog will probably keep going back to that spot because it is marked with his scent. Removing the scent entirely will help your dog realize that going to the bathroom indoors is not allowed. If you find an area where your pet has been using the bathroom and soiling repeatedly, block off the area for a while. He will eventually learn that soiling in the house is unacceptable.

Discipline Bad Behavior

When your dog has an accident, discipline him. He needs to know when he has done something wrong or he will never learn, especially in the case of potty training. Let your pet know that soiling indoors in wrong. Firmly scold your pet, point your finger and deny the dog affection when he looks for it. Dogs want more than anything to please their owners, and they thrive on love and affection. Once a dog has realized what he has done is wrong, he will likely stop doing it. 

Keep Your Dog Occupied

Keep your pet occupied during the day. Leave plenty of toys and stuffed animals for him while you are away all day. When a dog is cooped up in an apartment alone for a long period of time, he will become bored. If he is occupied, the chances of him soiling indoors are smaller.

Be Patient

Remember that potty training your dog in an apartment may take a few trials and errors, and may not happen overnight. It is important to be patient with your animal, and to praise him when he has done well. Good behavior will continue if he is aware he is doing a good job.