Toys for Dogs that Like to Chew

Chew toys for dogs help prevent the boredom that leads to destructive behaviors. Most dogs like to chew. It's a soothing activity that they develop in puppyhood. Keeping indestructible chew toys on hand is the perfect solution to stop a dog from chewing your furniture, shoes or other personal items. Every pet owner should train their dog to teeth and chew only on dog toys.

Chewing on toys, rawhide and bones can help clean plaque and tartar off a dog's teeth. Because dogs are prone to tooth decay and gum disease if their teeth are not cleaned regularly, these toys can be beneficial for this reason.

Frozen Dog Chews

Chilly Bone makes a heavy-duty canvas bone that has a sponge in the center. Soak the bone in water and then freeze. The sponge freezes and offers soothing relief for a teething puppy. When the Chilly Bone has thawed, simply rinse it out, soak it in water again and refreeze.

Kong Balls and Similar Models

Kong balls are crafted from a heavy-duty rubber that dogs cannot destroy. The empty middle fits dog bones, requiring a dog to work to get his treat. Kong balls are one of the original toys for dogs that love to chew.

There are similar toys now. The Tux by West Paw Design has different nodules jutting from the circular center. You can fill the Tux with treats. The design of this chew toy enables it to float, so pet owners can throw it into a pond or other water source without any fear of the toy sinking and getting lost.

Tuffy's Toys for Dogs

Tuffy's makes a line of soft toys for dogs. Many dogs love them because they are softer, like stuffed animals, but pet owners don't have to worry about their pet tearing them apart. Tuffy's toys come in a variety of shapes, such as an alien, tyrannosaurus, lobster or scorpion.

The toys are covered in four durable layers including fleece, plastic and the type of faux-leather used to create luggage. Squeakers are sewn into the material, making it impossible to chew loose. The materials are then stitched together using double rows of stitching in a "X" shape to prevent the layers of fabric from coming apart at the seams.

Chew Toys for Dogs to Avoid

Dogs that love to chew will grind away for hours on a favorite toy. Some breeds have such powerful jaws and teeth that they end up destroying toys for dogs in a matter of minutes. Avoid these easily destroyed toys by staying away from ones that are flimsy, made of cloth or have decorative items that could be swallowed. Items like Kong Balls have thick rubber that doesn't chew apart, whereas thinner plastic or rubber toys can easily be chewed up.

Stuffed animals and dolls with buttons or plastic eyes do pose a choking hazard. Toys with squeakers inside can be choking hazards if the dog manages to get the squeaker out. Look for designs where the squeaker is sewn tightly into the fabric or plastic. Carefully examine a toy before letting your dog chew on it, to ensure there is nothing the dog could choke on. Make sure the plastic or rubber is solid and cannot be chewed up.