Treating a Constipated Puppy With Home Remedies

A constipated puppy is uncomfortable, but the condition is usually not dangerous. There are a few effective home remedies you can try before you call your vet.

How To Treat Your Constipated Puppy

If she is showing signs of constipation-straining to defecate or passing very dry-looking stool, add a little psyllium to her diet. Psyllium is available as an over-the-counter human preparation (Metamucil®) or in veterinary form. Add one gram per pound of body weight if using Metamucil. Follow dosage instructions on veterinary products.

Canned, plain pumpkin can also be added to food to reduce constipation. Add one to two tablespoons to your dog's food each day until her condition improves.

Preventing Constipation

Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of fresh, clean water. Dehydration can cause dry stool, which is more difficult to pass.

Exercise and a proper diet are important for proper elimination. Avoid dairy, refined carbohydrates and all human junk food. Walk your puppy at least four times a day.

Make sure your dog has a bowel movement every day. Missing the opportunity to defecate can cause constipation.