What Is the Most Effective Canine Constipation Home Remedy?

It's important to use an ideal canine constipation home remedy to treat your pet if he suffers from chronic constipation. Home remedies, unlike conventional medicines, don't cause side effects. Pets suffering from constipation experience a lot of discomfort but since constipation is associated with several gastrointestinal problems and the side effects of certain drugs, it's important to first identify the real cause of the problem.

What to Watch For

Dogs suffering from constipation strain to defecate and pass hard and smelly stools. Some pets also cry or whine in pain as they strain to pass their stools. Apart from these symptoms you should look for signs of a bloated stomach or decreased appetite.

Dietary Changes

Apart from using home remedies to bring relief to your pet, you should also modify the dog's diet so that he doesn't get constipated too often. Avoid feeding him a complete dry food diet. On the other hand, feed him food that contains a good source of fiber and vegetables. A combination of wet and dry food is also beneficial. Make sure that the pet drinks plenty of fresh water throughout the day.

Since fiber helps digested food pass easily through the gastrointestinal tract you should feed your pet a diet that's rich in good quality fiber. Along with dietary modification, exercise the dog because it improves blood circulation and promotes good health in pets.

Home Remedies for Constipation in Dogs:

  • The easiest way to incorporate fiber into your dog's diet is to add a small portion of wheat bran cereal to his meals. Make sure that the cereal doesn't contain ingredients like chocolate or macadamia nuts, as they're toxic to dogs.
  • You could try feeding your pet a small amount of butter or mineral oil to help the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Feed your pet fruits and vegetables that are known to promote gastrointestinal health. Vegetables that contain a high amount of fiber usually benefit dogs suffering from constipation. Pumpkin is a good option. You could use the canned version and add a small amount to your dog's food.
  • Administer Psyllium to your pet, as it has certain properties that soften stools.
  • If your dog doesn't drink sufficient water every day, flavor the water to make it more palatable.

Tips for Pet Owners

If the constipation doesn't subside after a few days, follow up with vet checks and conduct further diagnostic tests to identify the underlying cause. Avoid feeding the dog any food that contains preservatives, additives, fillers and colors. These ingredients weaken the pet's immune system and make the dog more susceptible to illnesses. You should also get the dog's feces examined twice a year to rule out the presence of intestinal parasites.

Constipation should be treated in time so that it doesn't worsen and cause intestinal obstruction. The obstruction is a severe condition that warrants immediate medical help.