Treats for Dogs with No Teeth

Treats for dogs with no teeth can be difficult to find because it eliminates several common treats, such as milk bones and rawhide. However, there are many healthy treats available, especially if you get creative.

Soft, Meaty Treats

Hard to chew treats often consist of a lot of flour and dyes, so avoiding those can actually lead to a healthier diet for your dog. There are several treats available, made largely of meat, that are soft and can be easily gummed down by a toothless dog.

Wellness makes a line of soft square treats that can be torn into smaller pieces like beef jerky. They feature several flavors, such as turkey venison, that will appeal to almost every dog. There are several other varieties of treats like this available with a little searching.

Natural Balance makes a treat log, shaped like a sausage, that is formulated to be almost as healthy as their kibble. These logs are soft and can easily be cut into bite-sized pieces. They are available in all the major flavors: turkey, chicken, lamb and beef.

Since soft treats are usually made mostly of meat, they are very palatable for your dog and can be given frequently, taking your dog's weight into account, of course.

Canned Food

Canned dog food is soft, varying from a solid lump to a watery collection of meat and vegetables. Most dogs enjoy wet food since it has such a high meat content, so consider giving that as a treat.

Depending on the consistency, you can roll pieces into little balls or deliver it on a spoon. If there are meat chunks, you can clean those off with a paper towel and save them in the refrigerator.

If your dog already eats wet food, buy a unique brand to use as a treat. Dogs are always excited to get something a little different, even if it is as healthy as the food they eat daily.

Human Treats

Many owners don't like to give their dogs human treats, but some human foods are perfectly safe and healthy for your dog. One of those is boiled chicken cut into small pieces. If you're cooking with chicken or turkey, save the leftovers as a healthy treat for your dog.

Many owners also turn to cheese for a special treat for their dogs, especially when administering pills. If broken into small enough pieces, cheese can be a good treat for a toothless dog. Just give in moderation to avoid causing digestive problems.

Many dogs love cream cheese, which can be rolled into small balls for a special treat. Cut up hot dogs and peanut butter are also good choices. Peanut butter can be rolled into balls or spread on a spoon that your dog can lick for a reward. Choose a fat-free brand for a healthier option.

Just because your dog has no teeth doesn't mean he can't enjoy a good treat from time to time. From dog food to human food, there are plenty of healthy options available, so experiment with your dog's favorites.