The 3 Types of Feline Allergies

Feline allergies may be of several types. Finding the source of the allergies and reducing the exposure of your pet to these factors are effective ways of getting rid of feline allergies.

1. Environmental Feline Allergies

A cat with allergy can respond negatively to dust, chemicals, mold or pollens. Your cat will be sneezing, have a stuffed nose, runny eyes, skin irritations and experience itchiness. Avoid your pet's contact with the allergens as much as possible. However, pollens cannot be avoided, so your vet will prescribe anti-histamines for allergy relief.

2. Cat Flea Allergies

Fleas can cause allergic reactions in cats. Skin irritations and rashes will signal cat flea allergies. The fleas may be treated with a special formula shampoo or a flea collar. Your cat will still have rashes after the fleas are eliminated. These can be treated with corticosteroid ointments.

3. Food Allergies

Cats can be allergic to different ingredients in food. To detect the source, you need to keep your cat under observation, but it is almost impossible to find the exact foods that cause allergies. Your vet will be able to determine the foods your cat is allergic to and prescribe a diet that will agree with your cat.