Typical Feline Disease Treatment Costs

One of the first things that any owner is likely to think of when his cat is diagnosed with a feline disease is the treatment procedure. On top of veterinary visits, treatments themselves can be very costly. It may be important to realize the potential costs of treating or addressing your cat's health condition before you begin any procedures, so that you can account for those expenses properly. Continue reading for a brief overview of the costs associated with treating some of the most common feline diseases.


A feline infection is typically either fungal or bacterial. In either case, a prescription medicine should be adequate to address the infection itself, although your veterinarian may prescribe other medicines as well, in order to deal with associated pain, inflammation or other side effects. You should expect to pay for 2 to 3 veterinary visits to ensure that your pet reacts well to the medicine and that his condition clears up, as well as the medicine itself. Treatment costs for common feline infections generally run between $40 and $200, depending upon the severity of the infection and the number of trips to the veterinarian.


Upper respiratory infections, or URIs, are the feline equivalent of the human cold. They are common diseases that are associated with a variety of causes. When not caused by a bacterial infection, they are often brought about by a virus of some kind. Your veterinarian will likely, in these cases, prescribe an antibiotic to treat your pet's condition. The costs associated with treating a URI are similar to those for an infection.


Feline arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting older cats. A breakdown of joint tissue and connective ligaments, this progressive condition can immobilize your cat if left untreated. Cats with arthritis require medicines to slow the degenerative process, as well as drugs that help to reduce the symptoms of the condition. It's important to note that arthritis is incurable, and that your pet will require regular veterinary visits and medication for the rest of his life. For this reason, treatment for arthritis varies widely in cost, but may reach several thousand dollars over a period of many years.


Cat cancer appears in a variety of forms and has a number of different treatment options. Depending upon when you detect your pet's cancer and how far it has developed, treatment may involve fully excising a growth in his body and treating him with radiation therapy or ch