Using Dog Diapers for Canine Incontinence Care

If your pet is suffering from urinary incontinence he may require dog diapers. If you choose to use dog diapers to prevent accidental urination in your home, you should also follow a few preventive tips to prevent your pet from getting diaper rash.

Diaper rash will cause itching, burning and inflammation on the area that surrounds the pet’s genitals. This causes the dog a lot of discomfort and could also give rise to bacterial infections. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons of putting diapers on your pet if he’s suffering from incontinence.

Canine Incontinence

Several pet owners initially confuse urinary incontinence with behavior problems. While some pet’s often urinate in unusual places when they’re anxious, excited or agitated, others may be suffering from urinary tract infections, spinal cord damage and bladder problems. These pets are unable to control the urge to urinate and end up passing urine and sometimes stools, in places around the home.

Although it’s difficult to manage pets suffering from urinary incontinence, pet owners have to work with the vet to find out if the condition can be treated. Some pets are administered certain drugs that tighten the bladder muscles while others are treated with surgeries. But if the incontinence cannot be reversed, the pet will require diapers to prevent accidents from happening inside the house.

Using Diapers

If you plan to put a diaper on your pet, you will have to trim the fur around his genitals so that the urine doesn’t soak in the fur and cause a rash or other infections. It’s best to get the trimming done by a professional pet groomer. You could also consider using a non allergenic baby powder to dust the pet’s genitals before putting the diaper on.

Diapers should be changed often, especially when the dog defecates. This prevents the risk of urinary tract infections. Also wash the dog’s genitals and the inner area of the hind legs 2 to 3 times a day.

Tips for Pet Owners:

  • Instead of exclusively using diapers consider taking the pet outdoors a few times a day so that he doesn’t have to wear the diaper throughout the day and night.
  • Take the pet outdoors half an hour after he eats his meals as most pets urinate or defecate half an hour after they’ve consumed food.
  • Use baby wipes to clean the genitals when you change the diaper. Also discard diapers in an appropriate manner.
  • Wear gloves when changing diapers so that you don’t come in direct contact with the pet’s feces if he has defecated.
  • Always make sure that someone can attend to the pet when you’re away. Dogs suffering from urinary incontinence require extra attention.

There are a few companies like Four Paws and Simple Solution that manufacture diapers for dogs. You should make sure you purchase diapers that are softly lined and those that fit the pet very well.