Vegan Dog Treats

Vegan dog treats are something even the healthiest and fittest of dogs can benefit from, especially when compared to the treats you buy in most stores.

Vegan Treats for Dogs

Vegan treats are beneficial to all kinds of dogs – and owners. Whether you're a vegan yourself, have your dog on a fully vegan diet, or just want a healthier alternative to the store-bought treats, these could be right up your alley.

Vegan treats do not contain meat of any kind – this includes chicken, beef, pork, or fish. Because they are organic, they also contain no chemical preservatives. Many makers of vegan treats also state their packaging is biodegradable and thus much better for the environment.

Most store bought treats are high in added fats, salts, chemicals, artificial dyes/colorants and empty calories. Even for healthy dogs, this isn't a good thing, and it's even worse if your dog is getting up there in age or has health problems.

A lot of owners like vegan treats because some of them are fine for humans and allow them to enjoy a treat with their dog, as well.

Where to Buy Vegan Dog Treats

Some pet stores may carry vegan treats, but you might be better off looking at a specialty shop. There are many of these online, with a wide array of ingredients and vitamins. Prices greatly vary, however vegan treats are generally around the same, if not cheaper, than regular biscuits and treats.

Organic vegan treats are partially so unique and wonderful because they can be made at home. Hundreds of recipes can be found online, and you can experiment with the ingredients as you wish to see what your dog likes best.

Possible Vegan Dog Treat Ingredients

As stated above, there are numerous recipes reside on the Internet. Some of the ingredients you'll see in these treats and biscuits include, amongst many possibilities:

  • honey

  • corn meal

  • flour

  • green beans

  • carrots

  • apples

  • bananas

A lot of it depends on what you're willing to include.

Ingredients to Avoid

Naturally, there are some foods no dog should ingest as it is not good for them, or could be downright fatal. Avoid the following:

  • tomatoes

  • citrus-fruits (due to the acid)

  • onions

  • garlic

  • grapes and raisins

  • chocolate

If you're unsure whether something is good for your dog, don't feed it to him. Check with your vet.