What is Temaril-p?

Temaril-P® is an FDA-approved prescription medication for dogs that provides three forms of relief: for itching, for inflammation, and for coughing. Manufactured by Pfizer, its exclusive formula contains a combination of 5 mg of trimeprazine, an antipruritic and antitussive agent, and 2 mg of prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory steroid. It has been shown to have minimal side effects compared to other products containing steroids. Its effects are also touted as long-lasting.

Antipruritic Agent

Temaril-P® contains trimeprazine tartate, which has the properties of an antihistamine and can reduce symptoms of itchiness. Temaril-P® has been found to provide relief from itchiness due to any condition, including allergies, dermatitis, eczema and parasites. Use of Temaril-P® reduces or eliminates the dog's inclination to scratch. In turn, this prevents the development of pustules or raw areas created from excessive scratching.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Temaril-P® for dogs also contains prednisolone, a corticosteroid that reduces inflammation. This is helpful for skin conditions that have become irritated and inflamed. This steroid works in combination with the antihistamine trimeprazine, as the trimeprazine reduces the itching and the prednisolone the inflammatory effects associated with allergic reactions. As with other steroids, there are potential side effects, as noted below. In general, though, in its eight years of use, Temaril-P® has been shown to produce fewer side effects than other steroid-containing products.

Antitussive Agent

Temaril-P® is effective in treating canine coughing, including tracheobronchitis-also known as kennel cough. It may also be used to treat coughs due to allergies and other conditions, except those related to the heart.

Temaril-P® is also adjunctive therapy for chronic or acute bacterial infections, when the infection is being controlled by antibiotics or chemotherapy.

Dosages and Use

Temparil-p comes in bottles of 100 and 1,000 tablets. The pills are scored so they can be easily divided in half. Dosages are to be given twice a day, with food, and are based on the weight of the dog. The typical dose is half a tablet for dogs up to 10 pounds, one tablet for dogs from 11-20 pounds, two tablets for dogs 21-40 pounds, and three tablets for dogs over 40 pounds. The dose is usually cut in half after four days but the veterinarian should provide the exact regimen to be followed.

When Temaril-P® is discontinued, it cannot be stopped suddenly but must be tapered off.

Temaril-P® should not be used in pregnant dogs and dogs with serious viral or fungal infections. If a dog has other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, use of Temparil-P should be considered in light of the dog's other medications and potential side effects of Temaril-P® .

Side Effects

The agents in Temaril-P® pose a risk of side effects. The antihistamine trimeprazine may cause drowsiness, tremors or muscle weakness. Prednisolone may cause symptoms associated with steroid use, including sodium retention, potassium loss, suppressed adrenal cortical function, vomiting, diarrhea, sedation, blood dyscrasias, delayed wound healing, and osteoporosis. Prolonged steroid therapy may lead to Cushing's syndrome, an endocrine disorder, in some dogs. Despite these risks, in some cases the effectiveness of Temaril-P® in relieving the underlying condition outweighs the side effects so that it may be continued despite the side effects.

Immediate veterinary assistance should be sought if a dog displays signs of an acute allergic reaction, including breathing difficulties, an outbreak of hives, or swelling of the lips, tongue or face.