Average Yearly Cat Vet Costs

Owning a cat has a lot of benefits; however, before you get a pet, you should get informed on the yearly cat vet costs, to be able to tell if you can afford having a pet. The cost of having a cat is lower than of that of a dog, but there are a few things a cat will require that may be pricey if you want to offer a quality living for him. The cost of the first year will be higher than the others, due to the various procedures required.

The Costs of the 1st Year

The cat can be purchased for prices up to $750 (depending on the breed), however, you may also consider adopting a cat from a shelter and this will be free of charge.

A kitten requires numerous vaccinations during his first year. These vaccinations will protect the cat from several viruses and common diseases. The cost of vaccinations is between $50 and $100.

The cat should also get some flea treatment or preventive solutions, which may cost from $50 to $150.

Heartworm prevention is recommended, and may cost up to $40.

The cat should also be checked out by a vet, to make sure there are no problems; the vet bills may be between $50 (for a simple check up) to $300 for advanced tests, if these are needed.

You may also consider neutering your cat; neutering can prevent a lot of behavioral issues and will also make sure that your cat won’t get pregnant or fertilize other cats, resulting in numerous unwanted kittens. The neutering can cost between $50 and $200.

In addition, the cat will also require one professional cleaning of the teeth. For kittens, this may cost up to $100, however, some vets will not recommend this procedure during the kitten’s first year.

Average Yearly Cat Vet Costs

Starting from the second year, the vet bills should be less significant, provided your cat is in good health.

The cat may require some vaccine boost shots; the price of these is up to $50.

You should also invest in some flea control products ($100 on average).

A routine checkup is also recommended and will cost between $50 and $150.

Your vet may recommend a few supplements and vitamins, which can add up to $50 per year.

Heartworm prevention medication should be taken also ($40/year).

A professional dental cleaning per year is also recommended to prevent dental and gum disease and other diseases that are linked to gum disease (i.e. heart disease). A professional cleaning will have an average cost of $150.

These costs may vary according to various factors including the types of products you choose for your cat, the vet you opt for, the geographical area and other unpredictable illnesses that may occur and require pricey medication.

All in all, a cat is a financial commitment and knowing what to expect and the costs involved is important. In addition to vet costs, the cat also requires food, toys and scratching posts, grooming tools and treats.