What Is the Best German Shepherd Dog Food?

If you've recently welcomed a German shepherd into your home, you'll quickly need to sort out the best German shepherd dog food to give him in order to promote his healthy growth and continued well being. German shepherds are large dogs with thick, lustrous coats. They have charming personalities and make excellent companions. Though they were originally bred for sheep herding, they have also been used as police dogs due to their intelligence and excellent sense of smell. Feeding your German shepherd good quality food is the key to keeping all of these aspects of your pet viable throughout his life.

Making Dog Food for a German Shepherd

Many breeders and vets will recommend making your own pet food for your German shepherd. This requires more effort and time than purchasing dog food from the store, but it has a number of benefits. You can fully be aware of all of the various components that are going into your pet's food. This keeps him healthy and allows you to have full control over all of the various types of ingredients and nutrients. It also allows you to cater to your pet's personal tastes and desires.

The exact mix of foods that you'll include will be dependent upon your pet's age and overall health. It's very important to work with a vet to be sure that your dog has all of the ingredients that he needs to be healthy. Generally speaking, however, your homemade dog food for a German shepherd will include the following fresh components:

  • Whole grain in medium proportion
  • Meat-based protein source (chicken, fish, duck, beef or lamb)
  • Healthy fat (often from fish sources)
  • Occasional vegetable sources

Speak with your vet for more information on how to make your pet's food at home.

Commercial Brands of German Shepherd Dog Food

If you don't have the time or resources to make your own food for your German shepherd, there are a number of different manufactured brands that will work sufficiently. Because there are good quality dog foods across a number of brand names, it's best to look for certain qualities in the food you select.

Be sure that any food you choose has fresh and organic ingredients. Non-fresh ingredients lose a great deal of their nutritional benefits. Avoid chemical preservatives, coloring additives or flavoring agents as best as you can. These will not add to the eating experience for your German shepherd and will only put him at risk for developing stomach upset, allergies and other potentially harmful effects. Finally, look for a well balanced diet that contains a wide mixture of nutrients and benefits for your pet. You may wish to consult with a vet for information on how to supplement your pet's natural food with treats or vitamin supplements, to aid in his overall nutritional health.

For more information, speak with a German shepherd breeder or a vet.