What Is Normal Neutered Male Cat Behavior?

A mature male cat that is not neutered will be on the lookout for females in heat. This will greatly affect his behavior and he is likely to get lost or to contract different viruses and diseases due to frequent cat fights. If you neuter your cat, you will have a calmer pet, as he will no longer be looking for females. The neutering procedure consists of the removal of the cat’s testicles and is a simple surgery.

No More Fights

Most fights picked by your cat with other cats or animals are carried out to defend his territory, win a female in heat or impose his authority. These are instincts and are present if the cat is sexually mature. A neutered cat will show no interest in mating and will be less territorial.

Fewer Behavior Problems

Male cats can display behavior problems such as aggressiveness, excessive meowing, scratching or chewing. A neutered cat will be less likely to develop these behavior problems. However, proper behavior training is still needed.

No Spraying

Male cats can spray in inappropriate places in the house or outside to mark their territory and send signals to other felines. More than 90% of neutered cats stop spraying. If the cat is neutered before he reaches sexual maturity (6 to 12 months, depending on the breed), he may never start spraying. If the spraying is caused by a urinary infection, the behavior will be present even if the cat is neutered.

More Affectionate Behavior

A sexually mature male cat is less affectionate, as he is constantly engaged in looking for females in heat. Once you neuter your cat, he will have no sexual urges and will focus more on pleasing his owner.

More Grooming

Cats that are not neutered tend to neglect their grooming needs, as they have more important activities. The lack of grooming can lead to skin infections and tangled fur. Once the cat is neutered, he will take his time and groom himself regularly.

Less Activity

The cat will be less active after being neutered, as he will no longer roam and search for females. You need to stimulate your cat with activities to prevent obesity. Your vet will recommend you to reduce the amount of daily food for your cat. You may give him one third or half of the food portion he was eating before the neutering procedure.

More Sleep

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping (up to 16 hours per day, depending on level of energy and breed). A neutered cat will sleep even more. Cats that are not neutered tend to sleep more during the day and stay awake at night, which can be bothersome, especially if he is very vocal.

Your cat’s personality won’t be altered. An independent cat will remain that way, and a cheerful pet will still be the same after being neutered. Neutering can have many benefits for you male cat, and this will also hinder the fertilization of other cats and the occurrence of kittens that may end up in shelters.