How Wheat-Free Dog Treats Can Benefit Your Dog

For training, rewarding or "just because," wheat free dog treats are the best option for your dog. Along with corn and soy, wheat is the most common canine food allergen. Providing nutritious, tasty treats that don't contain any of these potential allergy triggers will keep your dog's coat, skin, ears and paws healthy and itch-free.

A Healthy Training Tool

Positive reinforcement-providing small treats when your dog is behaving well-is a proven technique to reduce undesirable habits. Similarly, if your dog performs a trick or a good deed, a small reward encourages her to repeat it. If the reward provides a health benefit-cleaner teeth, fresher breath or a shinier coat, the owner can feel comfortable using it.

Buying Wheat-Free Dog Treats

Freeze dried liver treats are excellent training aids; they are easy to handle and feed. Other meats are now being dried and packed in a similar fashion. Jerky treats provide a longer chewing time. Large dogs will eat them in minutes but, for smaller dogs, they are a good boredom-buster and provide a dental benefit. Other wheat free dog treats include vegetable rawhides, tendon chews, bully sticks and wheat-free biscuits. Some snacks contain added ingredients such as probiotics, glucosamine and herbal ingredients to address specific health needs.