Which Is the Best Dog Food -- Canned or Dry?

The production of dog food is a prolific industry and there are many choices of food. Determining the best dog food is a difficult task. There is no single dog food that can be considered the best. Each dog has different nutritional needs, depending on the breed, age, size, taste or possible health issues. There are 2 major types of dog food: dry and canned food. Each of these has advantages and drawbacks.

Dry Food for Dogs

Dry or kibble food can be the best food choice for a lot of canines. The dry food has all the basic nutrients and the dog requires small amounts of dry food to be full.

Also, the dry food has an essential advantage for the dental health of dogs. The kibble food is a great plaque remover, preventing the development of tartar, gingivitis and tooth decay.

The disadvantages of the dry food include:

  • The sugars and fillers that are added to the food, which can cause allergies or lead to obesity
  • The food has less than 10% water and may cause digestion problems in dogs with stomach or digestive issues
  • The food is not recommended for dogs with diabetes or kidney problems

Canned Food

Canned food is a great food choice as it contains a lot of water and can be easily assimilated and digested. The food contains all the needed nutrients, is rich in fibers and has fewer fillers than the dry food. Canned food is ideal for puppies, pregnant dogs, senior dogs or dogs with liver and kidney dysfunction.

Some dogs may also be allergic to dry food or its compounds and respond better to canned food.

This type of food is more expensive and will not have dental benefits.

Dry Food vs. Canned Food

Both dry and canned food can be a great choice for your pet. When it comes to decide on the type of food for your pet you will have to consider several factors such as:

  • Cost - the costs of dry food are smaller than the costs of canned food.
  • The dog’s age - puppies and senior dogs should get wet food.
  • The dog’s health condition - Healthy dogs can get either type of food, but dogs that have liver and kidney problems or diabetes will have to get wet food. Obese and dieting dogs may also do better on canned food.
  • Your dog’s food preferences - some dogs prefer dry or canned food.

You should also bear in mind that the dry food is more practical. If left outside, the dry food will not go bad for over 24 hours. The canned food cannot be left outside for more than 2 hours, as after this interval the food may cause digestive problems in the dog.

The kibble food can maintain the dog’s teeth healthy, however, if you opt for canned food, there are treats and chew toys that can act as plaque removers.