Why Do Cats Shed?

Cats shed because it's natural and is linked to temperature control. In the warmer months, cats tend to shed some of their fur. This shedding of course has the positive effect of making them cooler. It's tantamount to them taking off their overcoat, so to speak. In the spring or summer months cats tend to shed more.

Cats Shed More in the Summer

In the winter months, cats need all the fur they have to keep warm, particularly if they go outside. Hence, the shedding pattern changes. They will only shed a little, if at all. You may notice that indoor cats over time will shed less.

Minimize Shedding by Brushing

One way of dealing with a shedding cat is to brush them everyday. Use a straight comb or wiry brush but be careful not to irritate the skin by scrapping too hard. Most cats love to be brushed. In this way, you'll control where the fur goes. More than that, you'll be able to monitor their skin health and pick out any dirt, grass, ticks or bugs hiding in their fur!

Some Cat Breeds Shed More

Some breeds shed more than others while others are more easily noticeable because of their hair type. Persian cats are classic shedders. Tabbies, for instance, have shorter hair but it is difficult to tell how much they shed since their hair blends in with their skin shade.

Siamese, on the other hand, shed the least. For people who are allergic to a severely shedding cat, this breed is a great option.