Yorkie Grooming Tips

Yorkie grooming techniques will depend on the type of coat your dog has. Some yorkshires have a shorter soft coat, rather than the longer silky coat that is the breed standard. Usually the shorter coat requires much less care and is less prone to matting. If you want to keep a yorkie with a silky coat, but don't want to have to groom it so frequently, you should consider giving it a short cut to prevent matting.

Get Your Puppy Used To Grooming

Getting your young yorkie used to regular grooming is important and this conditioning should start from the first week you bring your dog home. Make sure you do all the things to your puppy that you will need to do to an older dog, like brushing his teeth, handling his paws, and bathing him. By making grooming into a regular habit, you will reduce his stress and enable you to bond with him.

Groom Your Yorkie Every Day

The more often you groom your yorkie, the easier it will be. Brushing out his coat every day will not only keep it sleek and shiny, it will also prevent mats and tangles. If done every day, it is a short and simple task, but if left for several days it can quickly become more difficult. Use a brush to remove tangles, then a comb to smooth the hair. Remember to remove any debris buildup around the eye. You should also bath your dog at least once per week.

Use a Conditioning Spray

Either buy a spray for this purpose or make your own by mixing water and conditioner in a spray bottle. Mist your dog's hair while you brush him. This will help to prevent breakages and assist your strokes so you don't pull on your dog's hair. It will also help to prevent your dog's hair from tangling between grooming sessions.

Check Your Dog's Ears

Yorkies have some hair in their ears, which can make them more prone to mites or infections. If your dog has very long ear hair, you should trim it. Check your dog's ears regularly for debris or redness and if you think he might have any problems with his ears take him to a vet immediately. Ear irritation can often lead to your dog scratching excessively, which can cause permanent damage, and the sooner problems are treated the easier they are to be rid of.

Brush Your Yorkie's Teeth

Toy breeds are prone to tooth decay and your dog should get used to having his teeth brushed every day. Use a dog specific brand as human toothpastes can upset dog stomachs. Dog toothpaste is also made to taste good to them, so they will eventually look forward to having their teeth brushed. Regular tooth cleaning will prevent your dog from eventually needing his teeth pulled because of infection and decay, and will also prevent bad breath.

Yorkies are known for their long and beautiful coats, but unseen effort goes into keeping those coats looking good. If you devote a small amount of time each day to your Yorkshire's coat, you will soon find it an easy and enjoyable task.