Yorkie Dog Grooming Tips

A yorkie dog also known as a Yorkshire terrier needs to be groomed regularly so that his coat looks healthy and well maintained. Yorkie’s have long fur coats which is the main reason why it becomes a problem for most pet owners to maintain such pets. However, if your pet’s coat is trimmed regularly, the coat will be more manageable and less of a hassle during routine grooming procedures.

Routine Grooming Procedures

Trimming the Coat

There are plenty of things you need to do when you’re grooming your pet. Before holding your pet down and beginning the grooming process, make sure that you have all the required tools and shampoos at hand. If you wish to cut your pet’s hair, keep a good pair of scissors handy and also look up a few tutorials online, which teach you how to cut your Yorkie’s hair in the right manner.

The two types of hairstyles that are ideal for Yorkshire Terriers include the puppy clip and the schnauzer clip. You must exert caution when you’re trimming the fur around the pet’s face and ears, because your dog could suddenly jerk or move and you might injure him. If you can’t cut his fur on your own, ask a friend to help you out, but if you have no experience at all, get your pet’s hair cut by a professional groomer.

Brushing the Coat

After your pet’s coat has been evenly trimmed, you need to remember to bathe your pet routinely. Use a hypoallergenic shampoo that won’t aggravate your pet’s skin. If your dog has fleas, it may be beneficial to use a medicated flea shampoo. Apart from bathing your Yorkie, you should also brush his fur to keep it looking healthy and groomed. While brushing your pet’s fur, consider using a wide toothed comb. These wide-toothed combs are ideal for dogs with long fur coats. You should also apply or spray some pet friendly coat conditioner on the dog’s fur, in order to get a healthy shine.

Make sure that you carefully brush the area under the dog’s stomach, armpits and chest by rolling the dog over on his back. After brushing out these areas, carefully and playfully turn your pet over and brush his back, neck and the area around his face. It’s best to use a pin brush to comb the Yorkie’s ears and muzzle so that you don’t hurt the pet.

Cleaning the Ears

It is equally important to clean your Yorkie’s ears because it becomes a breeding ground for ear mites and fungal infections. You should first trim the hair that’s under the pet’s ears and then carefully clean the outer ear with a commercial ear cleansing solution. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball in mineral oil and gently apply this solution to the pet’s ears. Massage his ears in a gentle circular motion and wipe away any debris or dirt that comes off. If your dog is suffering from any visible ear infection, make sure you seek medical help at the earliest.

Dental Cleaning

Several dogs fall prey to serious periodontal diseases due to lack of proper dental hygiene. You must brush your dog’s teeth with a small toothbrush and pet friendly toothpaste at least twice a week, to maintain oral hygiene. If your dog suffers from bad breath, it could be a sign of tooth or gum disease and it’s best to get it checked by the vet. If there are no sign s of periodontal disease you could give your pet a dog toy that’s meant to clean his teeth.

Although these are a few basic grooming procedures that you need to undertake to help your Yorkie look and feel great, you must also examine his body for flea infections, before giving him a bath.