4 Types of Cat Parasite Treatment

You'll likely have several options when it comes to cat parasite treatment. Some medications are designed to treat numerous kinds of parasites, while others focus on ridding one particular type of infection. The type of parasites affecting your cat will be the most important consideration when making your choice. Allergies and known sensitivities to certain drugs will also come into play. Researching several different types of cat parasite treatment should give you a better idea of which is the most appropriate choice for you and your cat.

1. Flea Control

Fleas and ticks are probably the most bothersome organisms that can affect your cats and other household animals. Cat parasite treatment for removing and preventing fleas is readily available, and most flea treatments will deter ticks as well. While there is an abundance of flea control medication, products and remedies on the market, it's important to choose carefully. You may opt for a monthly prescription medication or choose from one of the over the counter remedies available at the pet store or grocery. Over the counter remedies like flea collars, shampoos and dips generally contain harsh chemicals that can create an allergic reaction or cause a dermatological disorder. Read ingredients carefully or research holistic alternatives if this becomes a problem.

2. Ear Mites

Cat parasite treatment for ear mites is usually sold in liquid form. Most often, this treatment can be bought over the counter, so you'll want to be sure you're aware of how to properly prepare the ears and administer the liquid. If done correctly, ear mites can usually be cured in one treatment. Be sure the infection is actually caused by ear mites, however. Symptoms caused by a yeast infection are very similar to those of ear mites.

3. Worms

Many types of worms can be treated using one cat parasite treatment. For example, roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and sometimes whipworm infections can all be cured using one pill, liquid or paste. The ingredients used in these medications cause destruction to all of these organisms and treatment can effectively rid worm problems that you may not have been aware of. Therefore, a regular cat parasite treatment using one of these multi-purpose dewormers can be beneficial for your cats. Alternatively, heartworm prevention requires a separate type of treatment, but this medication may also treat other intestinal worms simultaneously. If heartworms are already present, treatment options are limited, as there is no cure for this disease.  

4. Supplemental Therapy

A parasitic infection can lead to other and more severe infections and disease. If your cat has a weakened immune system, due to recent illness or stressful conditions, an infection of parasites may cause, or be the result of additional problems. In addition to performing a cat parasite treatment, other actions may be necessary, such as restoration of fluids in the case of dehydration or steroids and antibiotics in case of a heartworm infection. The type of treatment chosen will vary, depending upon the situation and general health of the cat.