Popular Feline Flea Medications Compaired

Untreated feline flea infestations can lead to cat infections as well as other issues. If you notice your cat grooming himself excessively, he might have flea bites. The constant licking and biting of the fur can then lead to a hairball problem. In addition to using medication and regular cat grooming to control feline flea problems, keep your cat's bedding and living areas clean to prevent flea infestations. Fleas typically lay eggs in carpets and pet bedding as well as on your pet.

Preventative Measures

Several feline flea medications exist on the market today. Knowing the difference between them can help you choose the best treatment for your cat. Start your cat on a flea treatment as a preventative measure to avoid flea problems in your home. Regular cat grooming including daily brushing can also help keep the fur and skin healthy and can help you determine if your cat has fleas. If you notice fleas on your cat, take him to the vet to check for cat infections. The next step is professional cat grooming to rid the cat of the fleas. Now you are ready to start a feline flea medication regime.

There are three products in the Frontline family. Frontline Plus is a liquid that you squeeze out and rub into the cats skin on his back. Applying it once a month kills the eggs and larvae of feline fleas. This is important in stopping new fleas from hatching onto your cat. It does not prevent cat heartworms or intestinal parasites. Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Spray kill adult feline fleas but do not kill the feline flea eggs or larvae.

Revolution and Promeris

There are two somewhat less popular liquid feline flea medications. Revolution for cats is applied topically. It does well in preventing and killing fleas and also prevents heartworms, ear mites, hookworms, and roundworms. It does not control feline ticks. Promeris effectively kills fleas but has not effect on other feline parasites.

Advantage and Advantage Multi

Advantage for cats is another popular feline flea medication in liquid form. It is effective in treating and preventing fleas, as well as feline lice, which can also lead to cat infections.

Advantage Multi is a separate product that kills fleas as well as heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites.

Concluding Tips

Make sure to give your cat the proper amount of chemical flea treatment for their weight. Never give more than one treatment at a time and talk to your vet before giving any chemical treatments to a very elderly or seriously ill cat. Although the chemical treatments are safe for cats, you may want to try a natural feline flea product if your cat and house are not yet infested. The strength of the chemical products is often needed, however, to solve and prevent further cat infections.