The 5 Most Popular Home Remedies for Dogs

There are many home remedies for dogs that can save you and your pet a trip to the vet. This article lists some of the most popular home remedies and treatments for dogs.

1. Fleas

Not only are fleas a problem for your dogs, they can become troublesome for you and your household as well. Fleas suck blood, causing itching and redness on your dog. Fleas also spread life threatening diseases such as heartworm. If you have a flea infestation in your home, treat your carpet and other fabrics with a borate powder. The powder kills adult fleas and prevents eggs from hatching. It is important to also treat your pet at this time with an over the counter flea shampoo and continue using a monthly flea preventative. If you treat your home and not your pet, you are not solving the problem. Your home and your dog will thank you.

2. Obesity

It is easy to determine if your dog is overweight without a trip to the vet. Have your dog in the standing position and look down at him. You should be able to see an indentation where the waist is located. You should also be able to feel (not see) the ribs easily. You can also locate information about your dog's ideal wait according to the breed. If your dog is overweight, start exercising him once daily. Begin with short, steady walks and gradually increase the length and speed. If possible, walk your dog twice daily. Check your dog food bag for appropriate feeding sizes and follow them strictly. Cut out all people food and only feed your dog the appropriate amount of food. With time and consistency, you will see a change in your dog's weight and energy level.

3. Allergies

Many dog's suffer from seasonal allergies, especially if they spend time outdoors. Symptoms of allergies include chewing at paws, red or itchy skin and scratching. Benadryl can be given to help relieve allergy symptoms. A common rule of thumb is 25 mg per 25 lbs, however, it is important to contact your veterinarian for the correct dosage for your dog.

4. Diarrhea

To ensure your dog doesn't become dehydrated, make sure he is getting enough fluids. If his fluid intake is good, give him a bowl of diluted Gatorade to help restore electrolytes. Once your dog is able to eat solids again, mix 2 parts cooked white rice with 1 part boiled boneless skinless chicken breast and feed four times daily for two days. Gradually mix your dog's food back in and increase until your dog is back on his regular diet.

5. Gas

Exercise is a great treatment for gas because it moves it out of the dog's system. Avoid feeding your dog people food and check your dog's food ingredients to ensure quality ingredients. Mixing a spoonful of plain yogurt in with your dog's meal can also help since the probiotics contained in yogurt help break down gas and other bacteria in the dog's digestive tract.