Natural Flea Remedies for Puppies

The idea of using natural flea remedies for puppies is gaining popularity as more people are realizing the dangers harsh chemicals and pesticides pose, especially to puppies, whose small bodies are vulnerable to flea infestation. Sometimes it is not possible to keep your puppy away from situations where he will encounter fleas. That's why treating the puppy is so important.

Internal Natural Flea Remedies

A healthy puppy is less attractive to fleas than a weak, sickly one. Feed your puppy a good high-quality diet, preferably one with no food dyes, chemical preservatives or fillers. Supplementing his diet with vitamin B and garlic, both of which make the puppy's body less tasty to fleas, is a simple and inexpensive way to help his body fight off fleas. Brewer's yeast is a good source of vitamin B and can be found in tablets and in granular form. Dried garlic or garlic powder is just as effective as fresh garlic and has a long shelf life. Essential fatty acids help boost the immune system and improve the health of his skin and coat. Essential fatty acids can be found in flax seed and flax seed oil, tuna and sardines, both of which are very tasty to puppies, or you can buy supplements in tablet or capsule form. The probiotics and enzymes available in natural yogurt are also an excellent addition to your puppy's diet.

External Natural Flea Remedies

The best and safest way to remove fleas from puppies is to use a flea comb. Make sure the comb reaches the puppy's skin and comb a small section of hair at a time. Dip the comb in a bowl of soapy water to kill any fleas you've collected and repeat until you've combed the puppy's entire body.

Any puppy safe shampoo will work to kill fleas. The soap is what kills fleas, not any pesticides that may be added to it, so choose a safe natural shampoo.

You can make your own effective natural flea spray by mixing a few drops of essential oils such as cedar, citronella, tea tree and eucalyptus with water, and lightly spraying the puppy's body. You can safely spray the puppy up to four times a day.

Diatomaceous earth that is rated as food or garden grade, not pool grade, can be sprinkled on your puppy's coat and rubbed into the skin.

Dilute a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender or rosemary in a cup of water and soak a cloth collar or a bandanna in it. Put it around your dog's neck to keep fleas away from his face. The collar will have to be renewed at least once a week.

You must also treat your puppy's environment. Consider a bed filled with cedar shavings as a natural flea repellent. Food or garden grade diatomaceous earth can also be sprinkled on the puppy's bedding, in the carpets and furniture in the home, and in the yard to kill fleas.