How a Dog Flea Collar Works

Dog flea collars are a method to control and prevent fleas in pets. There are several types of flea collars that may be used; the ways these flea collars work are different. Your vet may recommend you a flea collar in addition to other anti flea products.

Gas Emitting Flea Collars

One type of flea collars that you may use in your pet will emit gas that contains an insecticide that will be deadly for the fleas.

The gas is released periodically and this type of flea collar works best in keeping the fleas away from the head and neck areas. The flea collar that emits gas will not be effective in removing or keeping fleas away from other areas of the pet’s body. For this reason, the vet will recommend other anti flea remedies in conjunction with the flea collar.

Toxin Emitting Flea Collars

Another type of flea collars that may be useful in removing fleas or keeping them away is the flea collar that will release a toxin that will be absorbed by the dog’s skin and will keep the fleas away, as this toxin contains insecticides. The fleas that bite your pet will get intoxicated and die.

This type of flea collar works better that the gas emitting flea collars, as it will protect the entire body of the dog from fleas.

These flea collars will emit gas or toxins that target adult fleas; it is important to eliminate the adult fleas so that they won’t be able to reproduce. However, it is equally important to remove the eggs and larvae, to prevent them from developing and becoming adults. Opt for flea collars that are effective in killing eggs and larvae as well.

Ultrasonic Flea Collars

Ultrasonic flea collars also known as electronic flea collars may also be available to eliminate fleas. However, these flea collars may not be as effective as the gas or toxin emitting collars.

The electric flea collars emit an ultrasonic noise that should keep the fleas away. However, some experts opine this method doesn’t always work, as the noise may not be emitted as often as needed to keep the fleas at bay. These devices are supposed to last a few months up to 1 year.

Some electric flea collars may also contain insecticides, so that the device is more effective.

Additional Methods to Eliminate Fleas

Even if flea collars may be a practical method to eliminate or prevent fleas, they may not always be as effective as other anti flea methods.

Frontline or Advatix (Advantage) are frequently used medications that kill fleas. These medications are liquids that should be spread on the pet’s skin and will eliminate the fleas. The medications will be effective for 1 month in preventing the re-infestation with fleas and are also waterproof.

There are also flea shampoos, powders and sprays that may be used, but these aren’t as effective as the anti flea liquid medications.