5 Side Effects of Revolution for Dogs

Revolution for dogs is a topical treatment for parasites. Because the topical medication protects against ear mites, fleas, mange, parasitic worms, including heartworm, and ticks, it's extremely cost effective and beneficial. It's widely recommended by veterinarians to prevent common diseases spread by insect bites.

Revolution is generally safe for dogs over the age of six weeks, but there can be uncommon side effects. Not every dog experiences the five main side effects, in fact, only about one percent of dogs on Revolution ever experience any problem. However, because there is a small chance of an overdose or reaction, pet owners are advised to know the signs of poisoning or overdose.

Do not use Revolution for dogs on sick, elderly, pregnant or underweight animals without first consulting a veterinarian. Drug interactions may also occur, so make sure you notify your veterinarian of any medication, prescription or non-prescription, including vitamin supplements, that your dog is currently taking.

Ingredients in Revolution for Dogs

The main ingredient in Revolution is selamectin. Selamectin is a synthetic ingredient that gets into the parasite's system and replaces an important amino acid that controls the release of chloride into the bloodstream. As a result, the chloride enters the parasite's nerve cells causing paralysis and death.

Other ingredients in Revolution include:

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene

  • Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

1. Drooling: The First of the Main Side Effect

Drooling is most likely to occur if a dog licks the area following the dosage or the medication is accidentally given orally instead of topically. The excessive drool may cause stomach upset, so you may need to keep the dog calm and quiet for a day while the nausea passes.

2. Diarrhea: Sometimes Appearing with Blood

Diarrhea occurred in less than one percent of the dogs given regular doses of Revolution. Some dogs had bloody diarrhea, while others simply had diarrhea. If it occurs, switching your dog to a diet of bland chicken and rice for a couple days should ease any digestive upset.

3. Hair Loss at Medication Site

In the area where the Revolution topical liquid is placed, some dogs develop skin irritation. They may lose hair in that specific areas. This side effect tends to be more common in cats, but it is worth monitoring.

Because Revolution contains alcohol, it can dry the skin causing irritation. If this occurs, the irritation should only last a few days.

4. Vomiting: Key Sign of Revolution for Dogs Ingestion

If Revolution is accidentally ingested by a dog, drooling is one of the signs you'll see. Vomiting is a clear sign of accidental ingestion. If this occurs, you should immediately seek veterinary advice.

5. Incoordination: Signs of an Overdose of Selamectin

Lack of coordination occurs in about one percent of the pets given Revolution for dogs. Signs of incoordination include muscle tremors, difficulty moving around, leaning or pushing against walls or dizziness.

Incoordination is more likely to occur if a dog is given an overdose. Make sure you stick to your veterinarian's recommendations when using the product. Mark the date you apply the prescription flea medication to your dog so that you know exactly when the next dose should be applied. This also helps ensure that someone else in your household doesn't give your pet another dose.