Preventing Cat Heartworms With Revolution

Cat heartworms are a fatal parasitic infection that cannot be treated, but can be effectively prevented with a monthly dose of medications such as Revolution for Cats. These medications are usually flea control drugs, with the added benefit of heartworm prevention, and are both readily available and recommended for your cat's health.

Heartworms in Cats

Unlike dogs, cats don't have the benefit of treatment once a heartworm has infected them. This is largely due to the feline immune system's setup: their systems are capable of effectively killing the parasite before it emerges from its larval form and infects the body, while a dog's can.

As a result, heartworms are fairly uncommon in felines, even though they are as much at risk for receiving the parasite through a bite from an infected mosquito. When an infection does occur, it is because the immune system has failed to prevent it, and there is no known way to treat it. The best possibility is to medicate for the symptoms, but the end result with heartworms in cats is usually death.

What is Revolution for Cats?

The prevention of heartworms is easy, and many medications are available on the market that provide this feature.

Revolution (selamectin) is actually a prescription flea control drug applied topically to the nape of the neck. Entering the bloodstream through the skin, it has the added bonus of protection against several types of worms, included heartworms, and is the most popular (and effective) for heartworm prevention. Once it has entered the bloodstream, it spreads throughout the system and is quite toxic to the heartworm parasite, interfering with the larva and causing its death before an infection can occur.

Revolution performs the immune system's natural role in dealing with this parasite. Once applied, the medication provides protection for approximately four weeks.

Revolution Side Effects

Revolution for Cats is generally a very safe medication that is well-tolerated. It has an excellent safety profile. Some reports indicate temporary hair loss where the medicine is applied. However, this appears to be from over-grooming, and not a reaction with the actual ointment.

A few very rare side effects, that mostly appear to be allergic reactions, may include:

  • Vomiting
  • Anorexia
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle tremors

If these symptoms are noticed in your cat, stop applying Revolution immediately and call your vet.

Warnings and Considerations

Revolution can be used in just about any cat, including ones as young as eight weeks of age, and also breeding, pregnant and nursing animals. Care should be taken, however, when administering it to sick or underweight animals. Likewise, some animals may be allergic or hypersensitive to selamectin, so a test should be administered first to ensure there won't be any allergies.

As heartworms in cats can only be prevented and not treated, many experts recommend the use of a drug such as Revolution, a popular and highly effective prescription drug used to prevent heartworms in cats.