Revolution Flea Control for Cats

Avoid infestations with Revolution flea control for cats. While many flea products simply protect against fleas, Revolution does more. It stops ear mites, fleas, heartworms, hookworms and roundworms. When you need all-in-one protection, ask your veterinarian for a prescription.

Medication Used in Revolution Flea Control for Cats

Selamectin is the topical insecticide used in Revolution flea control. Cats receive the medication as a topical ointment. Current parasites will die off eliminating new eggs and larva. It can take a few days for all fleas to hatch and die. Make sure you continue vacuuming your carpeting, furniture and pet bedding.

The insecticide enters into the cat's body through the pores of the skin and enter the blood stream. There parasites ingest the chemical when they feast on the cat's blood. Once in their body, fleas, worms and ear mites become paralyzed and die.

Proper Revolution Flea Control Dosages

Correct dosages keep cats from overdosing on Selamectin. Kittens up to five pounds receive the 15 milligram tubes. Cats 5.1 pounds to 15 pounds receive a 45 milligram dosage.

For cats larger than 15 pounds, a combination of Revolution products are used. For example, a 20 pound cat needs the tube meant for a cat weighing 15 pounds, and the additional tube meant for a 5 pound cat.

The Revolution flea control for cats product is applied to the area of the spine between the neck and shoulder blades. Allow two hours for the product to dry. If you have other pets in the home, make sure they do not groom the cat to prevent accidental poisoning. After two hours, you can bathe your cat to remove fleas as needed. You may want to gently wipe out visible remnants of the ear mites to eliminate potential ear infections from the ear wax and ear mite droppings.

Make sure the flea control for cats medication is prescribed by your veterinarian. It is very important that the correct dosage be given for your kitten or cat's safety.

Contraindications for Revolution Flea Control for Cats

It's important to note that kittens younger than eight weeks should not be given Revolution. The medication is too strong for very young cats. The same is true of cats that are grossly underweight or suffering from illness. Revolution is meant for kittens and cats in good health.

If your cat is taking another heartworm medication, do not use Revolution flea control for cats. You must wait until the next dose of heartworm medication is due before using this flea control product.

Do not double up on flea control. If you're using Revolution on your cat, do not also use a flea collar. This can lead to an overdose. Also avoid using and flea and tick shampoos with additional insecticides.

While most side effects are rare, some animals do develop loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Skin irritation at the application site may occur, along with minor hair loss.

If your cat becomes lethargic, drools excessively, breathes rapidly or develops seizures, contact your veterinarian. These symptoms can be a sign of overdose.