6 Essential Dog Car Accessories

When traveling with your dog, even if just across town, it's important to have the appropriate dog car accessories to keep your him safe, comfortable and entertained in the car.

1. Seat Belt or Crate

Whether you decide to keep your dog in a seat belt or crate, your dog should be restrained in the backseat. Your dog could fly right through the windshield if you put on your brakes, be injured by the airbags if he's in the front seat or become a projectile object in an accident.

Many seat belt harnesses are available at pet stores that provide comfort and stability in the car. They also provide a little room to move around unless the seatbelt tightens. You could also keep your dog in a crate or another secure car seat or bag. There are many options available for your dog's safety.

2. Bed or Blanket

Especially on long trips, make sure your dog is comfortable by putting a comfortable bed or blanket in the back seat. If your dog is familiar with the bed, it will help him relax and sleep, which will be less distracting for you during the drive. Make sure it fits inside his crate.

3. Bone or Toy

Some dogs are anxious in the car. Others get excited and have trouble settling down. Either way, a couple of favorite toys or bones will give him something to do on the trip. Chewing releases calming endorphines in your dog's system, so a bone could also help him remain calm. An interactive toy such as a stuffed Kong or marrow bone would also be a good choice.

4. Ginger Snaps

If your dog gets car sick, ginger has been shown to reduce symptoms in dogs as well as people. Giving your dog some ginger or even a couple of ginger snap cookies can ease his nausea on a trip. Even if your dog doesn't throw up on car rides, he may be carsick if he appear anxious or restless in the car.

5. Bath Wipes

If you ever drive your dog to hiking trails, bath wipes are a good accessory to have handy. There are many things your dog can get into on a hiking trail, especially if you allow him off-leash, and the drive home will be much more pleasant if you have a means to wipe off the smell of the substances in which he rolled.

6. Poop Bags

If you are traveling with your dog, bring a means of cleaning up after him. Dog-friendly rest stops will be a thing of the past if dog owners don't do their part to clean up after their dogs.

Traveling with your dog can be fun, especially if you are prepared. There are several must-have dog car accessories that can make the trip more fun and less stressful.