Administering a Cat Enema Solution

A cat may require an enema solution if she suffers from constipation, if she needs certain medications applied rectally or if she's preparing for a test that requires her to have an empty colon. Properly administrating the enema can be difficult because of the stress it puts on the cat and the delicateness of the procedure.

Prepare the Solution First

Before getting the cat in position and stressing her out longer than necessary, owners should make sure that the enema solution is properly prepared. Follow the instructions to the letter and make sure that the solution is specifically designed for cats, because some solutions designed for humans can be harmful to the cat. Lubricate the tip of the applicator with petroleum jelly and wear sterile gloves for the procedure.

Arrange for Assistance

The most effective way of administering a cat an enema solution is with at least two people. One person will be in charge of holding the cat in place and focusing the cat's attention. If possible, this person should grab the cat by the excess skin at the back of the neck, firmly but gently in one hand, with the other hand holding the cat around the abdomen. Mother cats hold their kittens by the neck skin and it can help relax the cat by activating the cat's instinct to go a bit limp and not fight when held by her mother.

Both people helping the cat get its enema should speak softly and soothingly during the procedure in an attempt to calm the cat. If necessary, one can firmly state, "No!" should the cat act out by biting or scratching, but it helps to remember that this procedure is stressful for the cat. Owners should avoid getting frustrated.

Perform the Task in a Tub

The most hygienic and convenient place to administer the enema solution is a bathtub, because the enema may work quickly and it's possible the cat will release its bowels before the procedure is finished. Containing the mess in the bathtub makes it simpler to clean. Having the cat confined into a small space can also make it easier for the owners to keep the cat still and relaxed.

Applying the Solution

The person applying the enema solution should firmly but gently put one hand atop the rear end of the cat and insert the tip of the applicator into the cat's rectum. The applicator should slide in slowly and not too forcefully, until it is fully inserted. The person should then squeeze the contents of the bottle slowly and consistently. It's important to reach a balance of not rushing the process and hurting the cat, but also not drawing out the process and making the discomfort last longer for the cat, as well as increasing the likelihood of the cat fighting back and interfering with the procedure.

Continue squeezing the bottle until the entire recommended amount of the solution has entered the anus. Both people can then let go of the cat. The cat litter box should be nearby, should the cat be able to make it to the box to relieve herself. Otherwise, it's possible the cat could defecate in the bathtub or on the way to the litter box.