Obtaining Affordable Veterinary Care for Your Dog

Whether an emergency, an illness or just a check-up, many owners are struggling to find affordable dog veterinary care. Routine medical procedures can cost hundreds of dollars and urgent and specialized operations may run into the thousands. Dog owners are often surprised by the cost of care and wonder how they will cover the expenditure.

Payment Plans and Pet Insurance

To help ease the financial burden, ask your veterinary office if they offer payment plans. Many veterinarians are willing to accept monthly payments, especially when the total cost is considerable.

Many cities also have humane societies and other animal welfare organizations that may offer subsidizing. Contact your local animal control agency and see if they can offer any suggestions.

Pet insurance is another option if your dog is not currently undergoing treatment or has been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. Emergency-only plans can cost less than $20 per month and more comprehensive plans vary in price depending on the coverage you choose.

Dog Care Costs Vary Depending on Veterinary Hospital

In addition, costs at one veterinary hospital may greatly differ from that of another. Getting more than one quote and comparing services may help you make the best decision for your dog and your wallet.