Cats and Health Care Examined

The overall maintenance of cats and health related payments can be very expensive due to the high cost of pet surgery, hospitalization and prescription medication. A growing number of pet medical insurance companies offer pet owners the option to treat their pets with medical coverage plans, and even discounted plans for owners of more than one pet.

Although several companies offer competitive rates, it’s important to conduct a pet insurance comparison to determine the amount of coverage and services included, without settling for the cheapest insurance plan. Most insurance companies have certain criteria that are considered before offering a price quote to pet owners.

Criteria Include:

  • Pet's age
  • Current medical condition
  • Known ailments or diseases that the pet is susceptible to

Choosing an Insurance Provider

Before choosing a particular pet insurance company, it’s necessary to consider the stability of the organization. Companies that have been established for a period of time may have a lot of experience dealing with pet medical concerns. Look for companies that employ trained, qualified and certified veterinary care specialists. Certain pet insurance providers also limit the choice of hospitals or pet medical centers available for pet care. This isn’t an ideal situation, as emergency medical situations may arise anywhere.

Many pet owners try to purchase pet insurance when their cats are older. Since cats more than 10 years of age aren’t eligible for medical insurance, it’s best to enroll in an insurance plan when pets are young and the presence of disease is limited. Kitten health that’s covered by insurance is also beneficial, as vaccinations and vet checks should begin as early as 6 weeks of age.

Insurance plans often include payments that aren’t required for individual pets. An insurance plan that’s tailored to individual cat needs makes it more valuable. Plans that offer dental coverage, prescription medication and hospitalization should be carefully evaluated against the premium paid.

Pet Insurance Companies Include:

  • Pet Care
  • PET Assure
  • VPI Pet Insurance
  • Purina Care
  • Petplan

Pet Insurance Considerations:

  • Deductible amounts
  • Co-pays
  • Out of pocket maximum
  • Coverage for genetic conditions

Cat Health

Feline health care now offers a variety of diagnostic aids, treatment options and specialized doctors that reduce the stress of handling emergency pet medical conditions and the cost of medical care. Pet owners should choose a company that offers both prompt and professional services. Good insurance providers also understand the needs of their customers when faced with challenging or emergency situations.

In addition to purchasing pet insurance, pet owners should schedule routine vet checks to screen or detect underlying illnesses. Cats in particular tend to mask their discomfort or pain caused by varying illnesses or infections. Routine vet checks consist of physical exams along with fecal and blood tests that rule out severe infections or viruses.

Proper home care and adequate medical facilities can help pets live long and happy lives. Pet insurance also provides owners flexible and affordable pet health care without compromising the quality of medical service rendered.