Veterinarian Pet Insurance Costs

A veterinarian pet insurance policy is recommended for all pet owners, especially if the dog may have different genetic predispositions or if the dog gets older. The pet insurance will cover all or part of the medical expenses of the pet.

Average Pet Insurance Costs

Pet insurance costs will depend on the type of pet, his age, breed and may also vary from one insurance provider to another. There will be different types of coverage (basic or premium), which will offer coverage for various medical conditions. The average insurance costs for felines will be between $15 and $20 for 1 month, which can add up to $180/$240 per year. The average costs for insurance for dogs will be between $264 and $360 per year, which can be broken down in monthly payments ranging between $22 and $30.

Insurance Covered Conditions

A pet insurance plan should cover for the costs of treatment for a list of illnesses and injuries up to a predetermined sum. Alternatively, the insurance can cover a percentage (may vary from one provider to the other) of any illness or injury treatment.

How Is Insurance Claimed

The pre-insurance can be claimed by the pet owner. The pet owner will have to pay the full costs at the vet's clinic and then file for an insurance claim. The claim must be made within a predetermined number of days. If the claim is filed after this period (30 days) the insurance provider may refuse to cover for the treatment costs.

Preexisting Conditions

If the insured pet has a preexisting condition, the insurance company will not cover for the expenses related to this condition. Some insurance companies may also refuse to cover the expenses for medical conditions that have been found to be inherited or congenital.

Additional Costs

In addition to the monthly costs of pet insurance, you may opt to pay a premium (between $100 and $200), which will cover for routine veterinary checkups, veterinary care, parasite medication and teeth cleaning. Not all pet insurance providers offer this option.

Discounted Pet Insurance

You may get pet insurance discounts if you have several pets in your home (typically a 5 to 10% discount, depending on how many pets you have). Discounts are also available if you opt for a two- or five-year insurance plan. Some pet insurance companies may offer you a free 60-day trial to see if you are happy with their coverage. There are some employers that can offer insurance plans for pets of employees. Ask your employer about pet insurance coverage.

How to Choose a Pet insurance Provider

You may choose a pet insurance provider judging by a few factors:

  • Value for the money
  • Costs
  • Diseases covered
  • Make sure the provider is certified

Always read the terms and conditions carefully, paying special attention to exclusions and special conditions featured in the contract.