All Natural Dog Treats

Some dog owners prefer to feed their pets natural dog treats, in order to prevent their dog’s ingestion of unnatural ingredients. Dogs are inherently meat-eaters and need diets high in protein in order to maintain health. Foods containing grain fillers do not provide the essential nutrients for a dog’s health. In fact, they can lead to severe damage to internal organs, or even death.

Smart Choices

Dogs need a lot of protein to fuel their bodies. They expend a lot of energy in the regular routine of everyday life. Running, jumping, playing and walking use a lot of calories, so high-quality protein is needed. This can be found in such foods as meat – beef, lamb, chicken and fish. Meat by-products are usually bone meal and other meat “scraps” obtained from the food source. They can include such non-nutritional items as chicken feet and bone bits.


Bones can make great treats for dogs. They're healthy for the teeth, keeping them clean of tartar and massaging the gums. Most grocery stores offer beef bones in the freezer section for meats, or you can ask the butcher for assistance. Not only does this bone provide dental health, but dogs will usually hollow out the bone by eating the bone marrow, which is highly nutritious and mimics their ancestral eating habits. Bone marrow provides much nutritional value to both wild and domesticated animals’ diets.


Dairy products can also provide high-quality protein. This includes eggs and a tiny portion of milk, since most dogs are lactose intolerant and are unable to digest it. This can induce diarrhea and cramping. As with the introduction of any new food, dog owners should monitor their dog for any adverse reactions or food allergies. Instead of using real cheese, a cheese substitute such as soy cheese can be used.

Treat Suggestions

There are several brand name natural treats on the market. However, it's possible to make your own. Dehydrating liver after marinating it overnight will make liver jerky. Dehydrated chicken, salmon, beef and sweet potatoes also make wonderful natural treats. Seasoning any meat with garlic, cutting it into small pieces and then refrigerating it will also do. Garlic makes the coat shiny and the skin a bit oily, so fleas can't take hold.

Healthy Dog Treats

Dog treats should be nutritional as well as good tasting. Some treats contain high-quality protein obtained from chicken, beef, lamb and eggs, which help to build and maintain strong bones and muscles. Vitamins and antioxidants promote a strong immune system and should be included in a dog’s diet, along with minerals for a healthy heart. Omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat. Most of the ingredients should be included in any dog treat, since the alternative would be fillers (mostly grains), which don't provide any nutritional value.

Organic Dog Treats

Care must be taken in selecting organic dog treats. Some manufacturers in their exuberance for all things natural may include ingredients that a dog’s system can't digest, or worse, can cause an allergic reaction. Typically, grains should not be included as a major ingredient of any food or treat, nor should caffeine. Treats made of protein, such as meat or dairy products, are allowed. Vegetables and fruits are normally not part of a dog’s diet, although they can be tolerated and digested to a point.