Stopping a Cat From Scratching Furniture

To prevent your cat from scratching your furniture owners should provide alternative sources for scratching and clawing like a cat scratching post, play house, or cat tree. These new surfaces will provide an outlet for destructive cat behavior, encourage exercise and activity and maintain healthy claws in your pet.

Choosing a Cat Scratching Product

A cat scratching post, tree or cat play house offers horizontal, diagonal and vertical surfaces for your cat to scratch in a variety of textures, including sisal rope, carpet, cardboard or wood. Cats will often enjoy having a number of different surfaces and materials to scratch so it can help having multiple posts and play houses around the house if possible.

Training Your Cat to Stay Away from Furniture

Buying a new cat scratching post or play house is only one step to stop your cat from scratching furniture. Using herbal sprays or double-stick tape on your furniture can help keep your cat away from the couch. Also, use cat nip or toys with the scratching post and cat play house to draw your cat to their new scratching area. It can help to scratch the posts with your own nails to demonstrate how to use this new object. Once your cat starts using the post or play house offer praise and healthy treats to reward good behavior.