The Benefits of Canned Kitten Food

There are many benefits to canned kitten food. When supplemented with some hard treats or a bit of kibble, a diet made up primarily of canned food is a better option than diets made up of kibble alone. The benefits of canned kitten food include better hydration, more whole and natural ingredients, and fewer chemical additives and preservatives. Kittens who eat predominantly canned food are also less likely to develop diabetes and obesity.

Better Hydration

Even if you have fresh water available every day as you should, canned kitten food supplies important hydration. Kittens can be very particular about their water and even if it's perfectly fresh at all times, they might not drink enough. Moreover, a kitten ingests moisture through the intestine more effectively than any other way. So if moisture is directly mixed with the food, your kitten will get a lot more hydration. This will help give them a good start on urinary tract health and will help their other bodily systems function smoothly.

Higher Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in canned kitten food are likely to be the closest to the way nature intended, and of the best quality. In canned food with whole, natural ingredients, you're less likely to find meat byproducts and cheaper foods. These ingredients are not under the same quality controls as something that would be listed as a "chicken". Canned food is slightly more expensive, but the payoff in healthier food is a healthier kitten and saving money on future vet bills because of poor health.

Fewer Unwanted Calories

In canned food, each calorie is more likely to have nutritional value. This means that your kitten will get the proper nutrition for his growing body and developing immune system without unwanted calories. Making the most of each calorie translates to a lower risk for obesity, and thus diabetes and a myriad of other health problems. Canned food doesn't need the kinds of preservatives that are required for the shelf life of kibble. These preservatives can add extra calories without extra nutrition.

Less Chemicals

Most canned food is more natural than kibble because chemical additives and preservatives are less necessary. Less toxins in the food mean less toxins in the body. A kitten's immune system needs all the help it can get with as little strain as possible, and chemicals are more difficult to digest and process in the body.

Less Risk of Allergies and Other Illnesses

Canned food gives better nutrition and lacks the ingredients that can lead to allergies and particularly urinary tract problems. The chemicals and additives that are more often found in kibble can lead to allergies and imbalance in the kitten's system.