What Do Dogs Eat Naturally?

Many new dog owners have asked, "what do dogs eat"? It's important to know what dogs eat in the wild because that is the healthiest diet for them when they are domesticated. Commercial dog food can be formulated to be healthy for your dog and now includes several choices for a raw food diet. Kibble alone is not a suitable diet for a dog but can be used to supplement other parts of a wholesome canine diet.

Facts About Dogs in the Wild

It is easy to learn about dogs in the wild and what they eat. Facts about dogs in the wild indicate that dogs eat raw meat but, unlike cats, can get a good portion of their necessary nutrition from fruit and plants. They don't eat grains in the wild. Dogs are not obligated to be solely carnivorous but it seems to be their natural preference. A wild dog's body is designed to handle the food inconsistencies that come with a hunting lifestyle. Dogs still can benefit from a 12 to 24 hour fasting period which allows their body to detoxify and gives their digestion a rest.

A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet

The best diet for dogs consists of a specific combination of raw meat, vegetables, fruit and raw bones. It is based on decades worth of research in evolutionary animal science. This diet helps increase the general health and longevity. Owners who switch to this diet often see a marked decrease in health problems such as allergies, bladder infections, ear infections, arthritis, and skin problems although it should not be a replacement for veterinary care. The diet consists of whole foods that are human grade. The formula basically consists of raw meats, finely ground raw bones, and fruits such as apples, and vegetables such as carrots. The raw meats contain the moisture your dog needs in his food to keep him properly hydrated and the protein he needs to build and maintain lean muscle. The bones contain necessary minerals while the other ingredients provide vital vitamins.

Commercial Dog Food

Some commercial dog food can provide your pet with the necessary nutrition but you have to choose carefully and wisely. Much of the available commercial food contains a large amount of grains, fillers, chemicals and by-products. Dogs do not utilize these ingredients and the empty calories lead to obesity and many other health problems. The food should contain moisture, whole foods and predominantly lean meats with some vegetables and fruits. The less preservatives, colorings and chemicals the better.

The Problem with Kibble

Kibble alone is not a suitable diet for a dog for several reasons. First of all, dogs digest moisture through their intestines so even with fresh water available, kibble alone can lead to dehydration and urinary tract problems. Moreover, kibble contains many preservatives and fillers, all of which are unhealthy for your dog's health. A high quality kibble, however, can be a good supplement for a raw food diet or diet incorporating a high quality moist food. Dogs like kibble and it can help keep the teeth and gums healthy. The most natural kibble with whole ingredients and one that is low in grains is the best for your dog.